Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When Life Gives You Leftovers, Make Quiche!

 My friend, Crazy Dee, has a propensity for making large amounts of food.
She is the person, when you leave church, will pull you aside and say, Come over for dinner!  There's enough!  And yes there is.  CD usually will make much more than is needed because that is how her life rolls.  She is aware that dinner time can have just her and her hubby in attendance or two thirds of their children and their families dropping in.  As the extended family gets older and more able to do for themselves, this does not happen too regularly now, but yet, something within CD's brain has not adapted the proper switching from cooking for a gang to just two.
 While this is an annoyance to her husband who turns his nose up at leftovers, it is a royal hit for me.  Crazy Dee will pack up her cast offs and ship them off to me, knowing that they will be reincarnated into something else entirely.  Yesterday, after painting trim in her kitchen, I arrived home from my nightly dog walk to a counter full of leftover containers that I recognized from previous visits to my refrigerator.  I tsked tsked as I placed them in my fridge and immediately started contemplating today's meal.  Crazy Dee had provided sliced ham and vegetables and I had salad, some other veggies, refrigerated pie dough, eggs and milk.  Rolling the ingredients around in my mind, I quickly saw a quiche forming.....
 It's always a good thing when you can go to bed knowing what you will be making for the next day's meal.  It's a good thing when the meal is nearly free too!  As meal time came nigh, I chopped ham, cut up broccoli, searched for leftover mushrooms and beat eggs.  I even had some leftover potatoes from another meal to add to the mix.  A second shift man needs a little sustenance so I took an airy fairy sounding meal and added enough umph to it to keep him till it was lunch box time much later in the evening.
 I only season the milk/egg mixture with salt and pepper and red pepper flakes and the tiniest baking soda.  Parsley and all purpose season salt works quite well too.  After the eggs are beaten well and a modicum of milk is added, the mixture is poured over the chopped meat and veggies and cheese are sprinkled over the top.  When I make an official quiche, I use half and half and Swiss cheese.  But the purpose of this exercise is to use what I had at hand and skim milk and mozzarella was what was in the fridge.  I also shredded some fresh Parmesan over the finished product just cause I had it.
 A half hour in the oven.  A quick salad tossed and lunch is ready.
What's sitting in your (or a giving friends) refrigerator waiting for a re do?

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