Friday, January 11, 2013

Corners of the Casa

 Many blogs have segments called 'Corners of My Home'.  I really love that peek into a person's habitat.  You can gain a lot of insight by observing where someone resides.
Ahead of time, I would like to issue an apology to my minimalist friends that might get a rash from looking through these pictures. I am a collector through and through, hence 'mama's collection'.  I like to think it goes beyond material things because I also collect people and opinions and viewpoints. 

 Since I received a dandy new camera for my(our) anniversary this year, I thought that by practicing my shooting and familiarity with the camera on my little abode, I would focus this post on the wondrous things that I have managed to collect with the help of so many of my peeps.

 If you see something that you have graciously given me or created for me, or used to own and I've lifted it, leave a comment telling about it.  Just looking through the photos, I see some of those lovely gifted and lifted things that have become so much a part of me.

 I love sharing my things as well, so if you see something that interests you, leave that comment as well!  I just might be in a sharing mood!

 Start a collection this new year.
Collect memories, good times, friends and good thoughts. 
There is never enough of that....


  1. I feel like I just took a trip to your house. Wonderful stuff Nana!

  2. What a feast! My eyes were delighted by all of the goodness!

  3. :D....A virtual tour is nice, but a real one would be lovely!

    1. Indeed! I've been meaning to write bc I just decided to go to Lafayette! Are you going? How far are you from there??? Xoxo


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