Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dawn of a New Day

Now that was some crazy three months.
In that time:
1.  Started working in retail part time. (After a 34 year hiatus.  Hmm.)
2.  Hubby retired.
3.  Hubby started new job with 180 degree shift from last job.
4.  Dealt with some health issues.  Resolved, btw.
5.  Welcomed grandgirl # 5 into the mix.
6. Celebrated 40 years together.
7. Prepared Christmas for our turn with all the spawn and their people.  And a dog.
8. Welcomed all 14 of us together in our square footage.
9. Made merry on many different levels with the giddiness of having all my babies under my roof.  A rare occurrence these days.
10.  Prepared meals, did dishes, washed clothes, made sure all the grandgirls were entertained and smiled the whole time in Mimi Delight.  (yes, I did, really...ask em.)
11.  Prepared for the weakest blizzard evah (yes, I am from northern Illlinois; we giggle at the weather that was labeled blizzard.)  Still, it had it's danger so we said good bye early to several of our people, making sure that they were safe instead of present.
12.  Celebrated the Big Two with Lil Lady two days after Christmas.
13.  Welcomed the new year with a precious 7 week old.
14.  Slowly bid them all goodbye and sighed a lot.

Today was the first day in many weeks that I have breathed deeply once again.
I was off work, cleaned like a maniac, put away all the final vestiges of Christmas, downloaded all the new photos from My New Camera (anniversary gift from Hubby!), folded bedding from all the visitors and put away for the next visits, and cooked my Hubby a nice hot dinner, just for the two of us.

I realized early today that my life has taken quite a different direction and I kinda like it.
I like that I am working again.
I like that I have a new, different type of family, 'a work family'.  Haven't had that in a while.
I like that Hubby works nearby now and comes home for lunch and is home for supper on time.
I like that my work schedule allows me  time in my sewing room.
I like that my kids are producing like rabbits.
I like that I have reached the stage of life where I care so little for the buggery things of life and embrace the important things with gusto.
I like that my hair is getting long.  Weird.
I like that if I don't get to walk, write and sew, I get twitchy.  I like that my people recognize that about me.
I like that I am bound by very little and that little is of little burden.

I like this stage of life.....

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