Thursday, July 14, 2011

Piecing Quilts

 Four years ago today, Eldest Son married Lovely Wife.
 I knew LW before ES did.  Youngest Son knew her before me.  She subtly and profoundly entered our friendship circle and ultimately our family, in the most quiet and sweetest of ways.

 LW's engaging smile usually brings anybody in.  The children in her classroom draw near to her and her instructive ways.  Our Miss Vivie adores her Aunt Tarlie.  Lil' Lady loves peering at eyes bigger than hers. Even doggies and kitties find it hard to resist her charm.  And so do lots of others.....
 Long, long time ago, in 2000, ES and I had a birthday lunch together.  He was in a lonely place and was having a hard time seeing any light in his tunnel.  I asked him if he trusted me.  Reluctantly, he said yes.  I asked him if he believed me when I told him that what God had planned for him was so much richer, that he would forget the dark, lonely days.  He, reluctantly, sarcastically and with a great deal of cynicism, agreed.
Not even two years later, their paths crossed.  Fireworks were lit in their separate lives and both were waiting for God's timing.

I do believe, if you were to ask him, especially on this day, if Ol' Mom was right, he would nod emphatically and smile that smile that he put on July 14, 2007 and has seldom left him since.....

Thank you, Lord, for your good timing and plans......

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Carly and Devon.....



  1. LW Carly will have to teach her daughter how to change the oil in her car, you never know who is watching. :)!!!!
    Love you both so veeeeeeeery much!!!!
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful story about wonderful people ...


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