Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Spirited Sweetie

This Little Girl.
She is the captivator of my heart.
She is my bud, my sweetie pie, my little kindred spirit.
Physically, we have few similarities.  Her mama resembles her dad more than me, so Miss Viv fluctuates from looking like her daddy one minute to zooming me to her mama's toddler days in a breath.
Since her first days on this earth, we have bonded closely.  I can still remember the soul searching stare that she gave me at three days old.  We had a pact, we two.  At that moment we made an unspoken deal that we would be there for the other.  I could feel the essence of her personality in that one soul piercing moment.  I constantly was concerned that my absences would make her forget our pledge, but I would only wait for the perfunctory few minutes before her little synapses would fire and she would grin and reach for me and we would reconnect our hearts. 

 I love that her little head is the shape of her Papa's.  Hubby has the nicest shape head and it was nice of him to share it with our kids and now grandkids.  I love that her smiling eyes hearken me back to Eldest/Admin's innocent, sweet, toddler eyes.  I love that her strawberry blond curls match completely the little snippet of curl that I have in an envelope of E/A at two and a half.  So, what, I have thought, is there of me within this sweet little composition of DNA?  I have contemplated this very thing till my recent visit with my little sweetie...

Compassionate and sensitive, she has fears.  I clearly recognized the look, the excuses, the reflection of things which could be considered....risky.  When she found this tree in Unca Debbin's yard, you could tell, when she lifted her legs from the ground, that she had performed a very brave thing.  Vivie has not been the child that you had to over warn about danger. Indeed, she will warn us.  'Be cahful, Mimi', she will remind me as I carry a large load.  'Mimi, you okay?' she will call if she hears my voice take a different tone.  Her looks of concern as she see other children 'get it' for bad behavior, shows the degree of empathy that she carries.   I know those looks.  I wear those looks.  I could deride her when she does not get on the rocking horse that talks.  Instead, when she looks at it skeptically and responds that it's 'too big' for her, I agree and say, maybe later, leaving the doors open for more courageous experimentation at some other time.

It is okay, these fearful things of hers.  In time, with the right combination of encouragement and patience, she will make strides in trust of the world. (which, seriously?)  Anyway, her Mimi will be there for the testing of her courage and applaud her simple victories.  When her little feet came off the ground and wrapped them around the tree, I secretly said, good for you Viv, I know that took a lot.  Outwardly, I just kept taking photos of the moment, knowing someday it will be important to her.
So as she sang loud and strong and kept yelling for Unca Debbin to 'See me?  See what I am doing?', I rejoiced for the simple victories in life and am prepared to partner with her in the challenges.....

I love you, Vivie......


  1. I love your introspection! AND I love the photos of the brave little girl!

  2. sigh, such a sweetie. love love love her..let's see what Lailyn will bring in a couple years.

    oh dear. Lord help us. haha...

  3. Your words remind me of a little room in my soul that I keep under lock and key nowdays, Mimi. Thank you for using the spare to sneak in and leave a plate of warm cookies on the counter when I wasn't looking. Love you!

  4. So beautiful Mimi. You are a treasure. and Vivian is a delight. Well paired.


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