Monday, July 18, 2011

The Shop is Open!

I started writing this post about my NEW ETSY SHOP only to be interrupted by MY FIRST SALE!!

The opening of my etsy shop is the next step in my business plan that started in my brain (and those of my two girlies) two years ago.

Eldest/Admin wanted me to be prepared well for business and wisely advised on taking Baby Steps.
While I still have miles to go, I now see how wise she was in the gradual evolution of The Plan and how it has played out.  And I appreciate those that have showed me by their own wise shops, how to do it well.  And to Rabbit Rita's encouraging tutelage.

Mama's Collection is just that.  My age old collection that now needs others to care for it.  Baby Girl would most likely take it all but is limited by space.  Soon, I shall add my bags, utilizing my full fabric collection, to the shop, but for now,  while I keep up with orders, I shall be content to enjoy watching my things on the internet being viewed by the international scope of the marketplace of
Adding new things each day will help keep the assortment fresh.  So,  if you don't see something you're looking for, just ask; I could have it!!

So here's to my first sale and onward to many more!!

(just click on the link to the right to view the shop!)


  1. Congratulations on opening your shop and on your first wonderful. Have fun!!

  2. yay!!! I am very proud of you. go go go!


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