Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kindred Spirits

When Kindred Spirit Friend greeted me at her home at the start of our journey together, she rather wryly commented, 'I shall be on my best behavior on this trip.  You must always be cautious when you travel with a Blogger.'
And right she was.
Not only did most of the square miles of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island get photographed, but a Travel Journal was half filled with the day to day adventures of these traveling, long time friends. Menus were copied and humorous insights noted.  And between the four of us, there was much to note.
 Hubby and I started out early for the start of our vacation. (Heretofore referred to as 'holiday' since that's what the Canadians call it)  'On holiday, are ya, eh?'
Hubby and I felt we needed the extra day and a half to catch up with them and to learn from KS's hubby, all the ins and outs of international travel and packing.
We reveled in each other's company, still finding it hard to believe that the trip was imminent.
Looking back at my notes, I  found such a great contentment just hanging out at KS's cozy,gracious home that I could have called it a vacation. Almost. The colorful cutting garden, the soothing front porch, the tasty, well decorated table that she sets so well, all added up to a joy to my senses and comfort in my soul.  Anytime you can spend time in the company of a Kindred Spirit, you should soak  in the minutes and clamp your brain around the memories.
 It has been thirteen long years since I said good bye to my dear friend and moved six hours south.  Sure, we've had visits and emails and in the early days before I became adept at the computer, we had long, colorful, gift filled letters and postcards that I'm sure confused and amazed our postal carriers.  These letters are bound away, waiting for the day when our children will be rolling on the floor laughing or sobbing into their hankies.  I have warned my kiddos that they need to make the time to read the letters circa 1999-2002 when I have gone onto my reward.  I believe they will get a clear, objective view of their mother through the letters written often and clearly to my Bosom Buddy.
 We are scarily similiar in so many ways but interestingly different to keep us on our toes.  We chastise and encourage.  We critique and give wisdom.  But mostly, it is my goal to get her to laugh.  Love it when tears are rolling from one of  our comments or observations.  We are opinionated yet open minded.  Somewhat.
 I thought it was important for you to see her home so that you can understand just how lovely she is. (And yes, we  have the same color for our bathrooms.)
 Patriotic and political, a flag waves her allegiance.
 Wicker decorates her porch.  Along with a customized pillow by yours truly, made nearly 20 years ago for the occasion of a garden that we made together in her yard.  A harrowing storm was impending and the sky started turning green.  We were in the midst of planting marigolds around our tomatoes, when KS pointed out that we needed to stagger the color of the marigolds so that it would look amazing. (Even though the main point of the marigolds was to keep bugs off the maters)  I began to run for shelter but KS insisted on finishing the planting the colorful way.  As I yelled at her to drop her trowel and to get her....self in the house, she raised her small shovel in the air and yelled, long hair blowing in the tornadic winds, 'Poor weather is no excuse for bad taste!!'  That's how looney she is.

 Kindred Spirit also bows to the need of flora and fauna.  Her home shares a nest with a mourning dove and other unwed mother birds.
 She placed this vintage appliqued linen piece in her window just because she knew I would love it.  She did this with her serving bowls at meals as well.  Beautiful pieces adorning the table only adding to the whole experience of the visit and completely tickling me.  She knows.
 KS is a glass mosaic artist.  The window on the left is mine.  It's called Deb's Garden.  This is publicly stated just in case her daughters are reading and they doubt the ownership.  Sara's is on the right.
 I have a piece of furniture painted this color. Technically, her wonderful daughter, Emily, painted this but you can see how this relationship kindredship is leaking into the next generation....

Here we are prior to our drive to the airport.
Our time together was fun, blissful, full of beautiful images and memorable conversations and dinners.

But truly, when you spend time with your KS, sitting on the porch would have been enough....

Love you Renee.....

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