Monday, July 23, 2012

Yard Sale Lessons

It is no secret that I am a lousy business person.  I could not make money if there was a gun to my head.  I give away more things than I ever sell.  Even when I was selling other products than my own, I was known to give 'Friend Discounts' just 'cause I couldn't bring myself to charge full price.

 I am also known for coming out in the red in a Yard Sale.  'How does that happen?' I hear you ask.  I set up, drag my superfluous collection outside and before I know it, my till is empty.  Neighbor Nancy and her posse have held sales for years on a weekend in July.  In fact, a sale was in progress when I showed up with my semi full of 'stuff', thirteen years ago this month.  I joined them probably four years ago in this yearly event that I dread/look forward to with great trepidation.  They are mostly responsible for my deficit.  I seem to find every thing I ever needed at their sale.  This is how I roll.

But despite my seeming ineptitude at actually making money at a Yard Sale, I do so learn ever so much more.  This year was a banner year for memorable patrons.

 Usually, I get a Jehovah Witness or two, who politely purchase a small thing in order to engage in a conversation prior to handing me a Watch Tower.  

There is usually an Amish buggy parked nearby to take advantage of my very useful items.
I have the bargain people, looking specifically for deals and sometimes, very needed items.  

This year, however, I had several kindred spirits, people that 'get' my rather eclectic way of doing things.  I had quite a few visitors under my pergola, where I set up shop to keep my noggin from frying in the 90+ degree temps.

I had lovely comments about the peacefulness in my little corner of the world.  I had multiple comments on my prolific wisteria and even comments about the 'beauty' of my now dead garden.

I had crafters that saw the raw bones of my offerings that spurred them into a creative frenzy.

I had a precocious nine year old home-schooled little girl that asked for a tour and names of my flowers.  She responded properly to the fairy bouquet that I give all little visitors to my Secret Garden.  I believe I introduced her to the intoxicating joys of lavender to the point that she returned later in the day to replace her missing lavender in the teeny bottle that I gave her.  I thoroughly enjoyed the repartee for which she shared with me, even the mulching tips that she gave me regarding my garden waste.  

I met a lovely older women from another county that purchased items that were favorites and hard to let go of.  How pleasant to know that they would serve an extended life in the home of lovely woman.  We talked about Prince Edward Island and it's abundant beauty.  We talked of conserving water and sewing and gardening and quilting.  When she left, I hoped that we would meet again.

I met characters and interesting studies.  I enjoyed watching and observing.  I had lots of quiet time when things were slow and I knew I had to be there but nothing was going on.  I like that kind of down time.  I could read, write and pick around my garden a bit in the silence.  Good reflection time.

So while I did not make the tiniest of cash, I came away gratified at what I earned.
Glimmers of the fellow personages that share this space is always an insight well invested.

Onward to next July's Sale!

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