Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ageless Friend

Fleur de lis Day in April.
Time to decorate with lilacs and the prettiest miniature ruffled daffodil. Set out the good dishes and don't forget the Cheetos! (An inside joke of the Fleur De lis Kind!)
View the artwork around the hostesses living room. Yes, she did this one.

When we're here, we always get homemade angel food cake with fresh strawberries and ice cream.

And who is the hostess this month? Not me.
My dear Ageless Friend who turned 93 *NINETY THREE* very young years old last month.

Dearest of Dears, AF hosts each April with absolutely no signs of slowing down. Her house is clean and pleasant and she goes all out serving her Fleur Friends, down to the decorative napkins and floral table arrangements. She walks to the grocery, paints, writes poetry, has stories of growing up at the turn of the century and lovely, wistful tales of her marriage to her best friend.....
I am so thankful that I know and love three nonagenarians. When I am with them, I feel like I've traveled far and wide and that an implant of wisdom has been bestowed upon my brain.
They are precious, valuable jewels to me.
And I wanted to share them with you......
Lovely. God Bless Them always.

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  1. How precious! Christian friends of all ages are such a blessing.


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