Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updates and Announcements and World Peace

It has been brought to my recent attention by a rather reliable source, that, I, I fear, am a Creative Flibbertiejibbit. I know, I know, I accept your sympathies, but I just have to face the facts: I am definitely Flibberty. Have been all my life, but now due to the Internet, the Whole World knows it. This does not sit well with Those That Make It Their Job To Corral My Flibberty Ways. Bless Their Hearts. It is a Big Job. But I am mending my ways and I Promise to seek to be more clear about Giveaway Bags, less babbling on, more Fun, Interesting, and Comment Worthy....Yes, indeed a NEW LEAF!
But I shall wait until Monday....
Until then, I shall indulge myself and you, dear reader, in rapturous Flibberty Randomness....

First Up: Colonoscopy Prep: Two words that strike fear in man. Fourth time around for me. Colon Cancer in the family, so every three years is my sentence. The thing that moves me (sorry) forward, is knowing, knowing that if my dad would have had this done when he had symptoms, or even when he turned 50 when it is recommended, his life would have been different. And mine. So, on behalf of my children, I shall run ahead (sorry again; Gatorade overload) and do what I can toward prevention.

Second Randomness: Hubby's Crab apple is blooming! Concerns abounded last spring when a paltry few buds popped. It is on the verge of wonderfulness as we speak. Took my camera around my land the other day to document this abundant spring.

Third in Line: The first inner pocket of the Spring Giveaway Tote bag!! Also known as the Summer Bag Giveaway of the Grandest Kind! (See what my Creative Corraler means? I drift....)
More to follow on this Wonderful Opportunity,!!
And are you still having trouble leaving comments? I know I always face a new set of requirements for each comment I leave on other blogs.....Don't give up!! Try Again!!
Fourth Down: Went to the Elementary School yesterday to update the Valentine/Shamrock/tree into an instant Dogwood Tree!! The children loved the flowers, picking out their fave one...Next week, they shall make umbrellas to place on their April Showers Bring May Flowers tree.

Fifth and Final Flibbertieness For the Day: The outer front pocket(s) of the Giveaway Bag. Just the outside has five pockets! The lining shall have more! Including a zippered one (see above photo) What about vintage buttons? hmmmmmm....Drifting, aren't I?.....
So I thank you so much for graciousness with my diverse ways.
In keeping with a New Leaf, please let me know what else you would like mama's collection to cover...Tutorials? Step by Step? Re purposing projects??


  1. Fibbertyjibbet? I knew there was a name for you. I think that probably is appropriate for the person who can cross-examine with a smile.

  2. The purse is looking so pretty. Do you mind sharing with us a few tips on how you make it look so neatly sewn? (Maybe that's my answer right there.) How do you construct a bag that's lined, keeping all the seams on the inside? :) Does your sewing machine allow for quite a bit of fabric thickness?

  3. That's one thing that I love about you, I say stay fibbertyjibbety :)

  4. Thank you Rachel! Good Questions! A good way to start my next bag: step by step! That way you can see how amazingly easy it all is! You just need a good seam ripper! A strong sewing machine is important, but more so is the needles; I use a heavy duty to go through many layers of thickness...The right needle for the job is key...And to change them after hard use....
    Missed you at Church!!
    The Smiling Flibbertiejibbit:D

  5. Love reading your posts! Your writing captures me. I like to read what you write because I can tell it's an overflow of you.


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