Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Her Easter Bonnet....

 In 1972, I purchased this McCall pattern 3356, to make the eyelet trimmed comforter for Hubby's Cousin, who was having her first baby.  With my very new sewing skill right out of the gate, I set forth in youthful cockiness, to have the only handmade gift at the baby shower. Crafting was selective then, mostly mod podgey decoupage, which my sister and I embraced with abandon.  But on the cusp of all things crafty, sewing was on the horizon on the 'new' thing to do, and I was going to be on board. 

 I can remember selecting the quilted gingham cotton from the fabric store where I worked, and purchasing an abundance of gathered eyelet lace.  I loved gingham and eyelet; my wedding dress was white bordered eyelet lace, and I still love it today.  This pattern was put away, not even seeing daylight with my own children.  Mothers of newborns that  make handmade bonnets and little sleepers are perhaps out of a realm that I am aware of.  I know they are out there, I just can't imagine the energy that it must take to be a new mother and seamstress for the new little bundle.  I digress.  Of course.
 Then Baby Girl, The Accessory Queen of the House, let me know that a Proper Easter Bonnet would be needed for her Baby Girl!  In the small corner of my brain that hides silly little details, I remembered that once upon a time I had a pattern that had a bonnet included with other things baby.  In my searching, I did indeed still own it.  Score one for the Pack Rat!
 I removed the ancient tissue pieces in the yellowed pattern envelope, getting more excited at the anticipation of creating a garment like thing for Lil' Lady.  I have made outfits for Miss Viv and a quilt for BGBG and several maternity things for her mama, but this was the first apparel that I made for Grand Baby number two.  I had BG measure her sweet little noggin and started raiding my supply of suitable fabric.  BG had asked for eyelet, since she is an Eyelet Fan as well.  As things go, last summer, some other Eyelet Fan was dispensing of her BIG collection of all things eyelet and I 'just so happen' to be in the thrift store the day it was donated.  Took it all.  The bordered, the linen, the ivory and creamy shades of the prettiest eyelet ever.  There was even large lengths of the same bordered eyelet that my wedding gown was made from!  Amazing.  Lining her bonnet with her quilt backing material just seemed the perfect thing to do.  And yellow twill tape ties.  Satin is much fancier but doesn't stay tied very well.
This little bit of fluff and accessory was so much fun that I had to make another one.  The next one was a bit larger and had some vintage lace to embellish.  I think more of these dandy chapeaus are in the offing for this morning,what should I see on a blogger friend's site? http://www.made-by-rae.com/2011/04/peekaboo-bonnet-sewing-pattern-pdf.html.  

Yes,  a new current obsession right alongside of Baby Girl.....

Lord, bless this sweet little head and all her thoughts....Amen.

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is just too pretty, and you are just too talented!


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