Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh, What a Busy Day!

 Even though it's been nigh onto a week since I last appeared here, believe me when I say that I have not been sitting on my hands.
It's been one of those blissfully busy times that when I had to choose, sitting at the computer came in last.
Never mind that our area had a large peek into the next season.  That alone will bid me outside to play in dirt. Never mind that the living room makeover has peaked and seeing the next move up the staircase is close by.  Never mind that said staircase and painting thereof, nearly did me in as I rather carelessly talked on my phone whilst upon a ladder upon my highest landing.  I shall not do that again.  I promise.  Spilling over a gallon of paint onto my wood staircase and covering just about everything in earshot in a nice color of mellow yellow, afforded me a lesson I shall not forget.  And I am painfully thankful that I am alive to report on myself.  
 Not even the arrival of our new Kitchen Aid, that appears to make the dandiest Italian Cream Cake ever, was reason enough to keep me from being here..
 Last week, my mind was busy with being the Nana On Call.  The 2G's mama is pretty faithful to her due dates and it was nigh.
Her diaper bag was completed last week, yet her (his) quilt was not yet done.
My mind was on the Phone Call that was sure to come, but my body was in the sewing room, utilizing every spare moment I could to the accomplishment of a Baby Lamb's very own quilt. (Sister G cannot completely say 'Liam', but it comes out adoringly as 'Baby Lamb'..I love it)  You see, as a Thirdsie, I am aware of the importance of New Things.  I spent years hating my rusted JC Higgins bicycle that I inherited from my two sisters, but because it still 'worked' it was not put to pasture.  On my magical tenth birthday, a new bike arrived but not after years of hearing, 'Quit complaining about the bike; it is fine....' Ha.

So it was important for Baby Lamb to have his very own bankie from Nana Deb, Thirdsie Extraordinaire.
 After a lovely visit with the 2G's and their mama, in celebration of the oldest G's birthday, I went home to feverishly complete The Quilt.  One look at their mama and her distracted facial expressions, I knew it was time for this Nana to get her bag packed to be ready to run over to baby sit the G's while Baby Lamb made his arrival...
Twasn't two hours later the tentative call came and like a shot I was out the door, willing and able to watch and wait for another Thirdsie to enter this world.
 Whew.  He came fast and furious and my time with the G's was delightful and fun.  As always. 
 I was able to inform them first thing in their early morning, that Baby Lamb had arrived and was tickled to hear the oldest G's concern about the color of his eyes.  He was concerned since his beautiful hazel eyes had to compete with the other G's brilliant blue.  The jury is still out on this one.
 And this is his introduction to The Quilt on this fine day and this is how my busy day started.
 I came home to see that Dear Nellie had not only written a genuine paper and ink letter,but had included in her lovely missive, a most delightful dresser scarf that looks perfect on my entry way table.  I shall think of her each time I grab my keys.  
(Pay no attention to the smattered paint on the staircase; who know what direction that may take....)
 Not too long after Hubby was on his way to work, did my other Thirdsie friend show up for a twice delayed play date.  I do believe most people make play dates with their children with other children.  Not me.  My play dates are with me.  And this particular Thirdsie will keep me in stitches for a long time, so why should I share him?  We drew dinosaurs and played games and when I brought out toy dinosaurs from long ago AND my two grown up boys Super Friends, well,  you had thought that I was Santa.  He mentioned to me while he was washing his hands, 'Debbie, you sure have a lot of toys!'  I told him that I have four children and lots of little friends.  He said, 'Four Kids! Wow!' Despite that fact that that  is just one more from his own family's child census.  Several times, during the course of our visit, he told me that I was a Good Debbie.  I was glad to hear it, since holding up the integrity of a silly name like Debbie, is hard work.  

 Lo and behold, in the midst of our Tea Party (standard issue play date stuff), Fourth Grade Friend came by for help with her math homework.  We certainly could not stop our Tea Time, so we invited her to join us. We thought that our play date was a good time to share some new nail polish colors that I had purchased for her for such a time as this.  She didn't seem to question the fact that this Interesting Lady, just happened to have green sparkly nail polish hanging around our math supplies.  I guess it just seemed normal for around here.  After all, we were having a Tea Party with Real Tea AND Very Real Sugar....
   Miss Dixie was not invited, to the Tea Party, however, but due to her amazingly good manners this time, we shall next visit.  She is known for sneaking our snacks when we go to the kitchen for more paper towels.  And that happens a lot.....:D
While we played and giggled and laughed and computed math and painted nails, The Thirdsie's mama, who just started a Weed Pulling Business, 'Barefoot Blessings' (genius), was out in my tulip bed, cleaning out the old and welcoming the new, all for the simple barter of new kitchen curtains and a few pillows for her new couch!  Brilliant!

Just thinking about the glory of this most fun day, tires me in such a peaceful way...
I have much more to share in the week long lapse,, but only so much for one day....
My heart is full and I should go breathe now.....

Blessings to you as you find your Simple Joys....

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  1. LOOOOOVE the baby lamb quilt!!!
    and I can NOT wait to see the living room!!! I can tell it is just LOVELY beyond all measure (i cant but help notice the quilt matches the room a bit, mind in one color palette eh? haha!)
    ALSO, im SO glad you finally got a kitchen aid! YAY! About time!!! :)!


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