Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just In Case You're Having a Bad Day Today.....

.....I would really defy you to stay in a bad mood after viewing this most amazing photo....
What you have here is a picture of my newest, precious grand girl and her most amazing daddy...What you see is the result of their wifey/mama staring at them with her most efficient of cameras, documenting the incredible love and admiration that they have for one another.  My heart soars and my lips smile the most content of smiles when viewing this wonder.  This little girl is the object of much love and protection from her most adept of daddies.  How can it be that both of my sons in laws are the Wonderful Men ever for my most cherished daughters?

Today we celebrate this Lil Lady's Daddy's 24th Birthday....
How grateful am I for his most loving, caring, cheerful, joyful self to be not only added to this world, but specifically, into our family, where he brings much entertainment and contemplation in one complete package.

Thank you Lord for this special man.....
Happy Birthday, Landon....


  1. ooooooooh my goodness. :)!!!! thanks for the post. He is the most grandest of hubby and daddy that I/we :) could ever ask for!!!!
    Thank you GOD for bringing into this world, it would be a little less brighter without him. :)!!

  2. This picture is seriously adorable!!! Look at her dimples. I think 2010 was the year for happiest babies in the world to be born. Lil Lady and Little Man would make quite the smiley pair. Couldn't you just see them smiling at one another with their cute little round faces???

  3. I don't know if the world is ready for so much innocent optimism!! But we sure need it!!

  4. that is such a sweet picture. i love the bond between a daddy and his girl!


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