Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ides of Jords

In about every birth order book, you will get some form of this: 'Third borns are naturally fun personalities.  The entertainer, the comedian, the different thinker.'
So imagine my surprise when this Third Born of three girls gave birth to a completely typical Third Born Son 26 years ago this very day.

Youngest Son was very different from my other two compliant children.  His jolliness as an infant did not prepare me for a hypersensitive, emotional, intense, rebellious toddler.  He was the one that compelled us to pray over his pillow before bedtime. He was the one that, in a sleepy state would pitch and throw any bible story book that I might have hid in a stack of ten or so bedtime books. He was the one that would bend the rules to the point of snapping.  When he was fifteen months old.   Yes.  A mere Fifteen Months, that little stinker sat in the corner for the first time.  And when he was told to stay on the tiny stool till mama said otherwise, he managed to go off in every direction with the very tip of his tiny toe hanging on the very edge of the tiny stool, agreeing to the technicality of  the literal.
Youngest Son was the one that had to do everything in his own timing.  He alone could help himself learn how to ride a bike.  He would sit astride  his bike while walking it around the block, building up the logical physics of bicycle balance and speed.  And when he had it figured out in his own brain, did he allow himself the trust to put his feet on the pedals and ride downhill.

YS is an enigma.  He is intensely intellectual yet as goofy as they come.  He is a fierce pro life liberal Democrat with Libertarian leanings.  He subscribes to the morals of the bible yet, but likes to be where the sinners are as a matter of infiltration.  Balancing things, as it were.  He is the King of Trivia, quite familiar with his sibs and parents calling him at all hours trying to remember the author of a book, quote from a movie or singer of a song.  When YS is missing from a gathering, he leaves an incredible hole.  His bear like hugs and complete love of his fam roles off of him like syrup.  YS's friends are an amazing stew of different personalities from all strata of society.  He has promised his kidney to a friend with brittle diabetes.  And if he were a match, he is quite serious about doing just that.

In short, he is an amazing  man, this now twenty six year old son of mine.  He resembles his papa and his kin, yet his left of center personality is completely me.  We spend lots of time enjoying each other's rapier wit and skewed viewpoint on this life.

A Blessing is Youngest Son and today is his day.  The Ides of March..... Memorable to this family....

Happy Birthday, Jords! LYSMICETY!


  1. A big Happy Birthday to your special, one of a kind, third child, YS...and many more.

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan! Hope your day was great and so happy that you are keeping your mama in line!!!!!

  3. I have one of those...they are lovely, otherworldly, folk.

  4. Agreed, Renee...Ah, the Thirdsie Appeal....


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