Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mimi Visits the Sickies

On my calendar for this week, was the very clear entry, " Go to Cincinnati for Vivien's Birthday!!"  Hubby had arranged to take the day off and Miss Dixie was taken care of.  Some secret birthday projects were on the sewing table, not quite completed and the card was purchased. 
But then.
Oh, but then.
The Flu Season Hit Upon E/A's Home.
Miss Viv has had a rough winter.
Colds and viruses have jumped on her tenaciously and have refused to let her go.
Her mama has infused her little being with probiotics and good nutrition but dang the germs of the world. They will not let her go.
And to add insult to injury, they decided to hop onto her mama as well.  E/A, not the stoutest of constitution ever since the Grand Hip Replacement Event of '06, usually falls hard to most bronchial germs and this time was no different.
So when Mimi receives The Call, she leaves behind the chaos of her nearly painted living room, to the sick rooms of Cincinnati.  Well, one of them anyway.
Imagine my dismay to have to elongate my visit by three days.
Oh the despair of getting to spend more time with Little Miss Viv when the last visit was when the New Year was only a day old.  Oh my yes.  BIG Sacrifice.  Hah.
With my best Mary Poppins imitation, I have helped nurture E/A back to a semblance of health while entertaining the Birthday Girl as only Mimi can...
We have made bread with the help of a cherry tomato or two and some very helpful measuring tools.  Mimi has even received some very helpful Knitting Tutoring from the facilitator of the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center's Chix with Stix(www.theplaceforfamilies.com), aka: E/A for my very problematic Knitting Attempt. We have disinfected and cleaned surfaces to discourage the propagation of any other germs that are perhaps considering moving in for the Spring.
She let me know which sponge and rag I could use while she followed me on the floor, scooting her diaper heavy bottom on the hardwood floor.
We have read all the Birthday books that the Mason Public Library could provide.  And now, we wait as the antibiotically protected mama is out gathering ingredients for the Best Birthday Cake ever.  After all, Cousin Lil Lady is scheduled to arrive this weekend for her first visit with her Birthday Cousin and we really need a carrot cake ready to celebrate!
Less anyone ever forget that March 9th is her birthday, Mimi made for her first birthday, a very growable Birthday Crown for her to celebrate each and every year in fine style.  I completely expect to see her wear it every year.  It was made with growth designed right in with adjustable Velcro......

Yes, I believe that if Miss Viv needs Mimi, birthday or not, I shall try to be there....

Grandparenting; the crown of the aged.....


  1. That is the sweetest little kitchen helper that I have seen!

  2. she is the most precious little 2 yr old!!! mmmmyyyy how pretty she is!!!!
    cant wait to see the birthday girl this weekend!!!!


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