Friday, March 25, 2011

Sofa In a Box!

One of the peccadilloes of living in Tiny Town occurs when one sets out to do Home Improvement.  The Big Hardware Stores are not convenient and furniture stores are limited in their selection.  So when Hubby and I set out to redo our living room, selecting a sofa became quite the issue.  We checked out every furniture store within a reasonable delivery area. Nothing. Few things that could work, but when someone buys a new couch every twenty three years, you really want what you want.  Hubby and I agreed that what we really wanted was a Turquoise Sofa.  Well, I convinced Hubby that was what we needed; he tended toward a red leather that I really liked as well, but we were discarding a red floral couch and I was really done with red.  So he agreed via the red argument.
With trepidation, I started searching the Internet.  Do you know that the only turquoise leather couches in this nation (and a few in Italy) cost over $2,000.00?  Neither did I.  But I did congratulate myself on my good taste.  Champagne taste on a beer budget my mom used to say.
Being sensitive to Hubby's Issued Financial Parameters, I tried to find one in my price range.
One Word. (is that one or two words?)
Within a few clicks, I had found The Couch.
But Hubby had well founded concerns.  We sat upon many a couch in our Sofa Adventures and not being able to test drive it, concerned him.  I reminded him that I could count on one hand the number of times that he has sat on most of our couches.  I reminded him that I would sit on rocks if only it looked good.
With that information, he allowed me to order The Couch.
Did you also know that as I cringed waiting for the shipping cost to appear in my cart page, that has 2.95 shipping charges, ON EVERYTHING!  Order a book: 2.95.  Order a couch: 2.95.
Wonder of Wonders!  I could not have driven to anywhere on 2.95!!
Hubby also stated that he felt funny bolting a couch and stuffing the cushions himself, preferring to leave that to the professional couch bolters and cushion stuffers.  I reminded him the tidy sum that he would save if bolting and stuffing himself; after all, someone has to do it; wouldn't it be just as fine if our own little talented selves did?? Sold.

 One sunny (fortunately, since UPS left the package right smack in the middle of our driveway!) day last week, I came home to this tidy 70 pound box.  Giddiness ensued as I tried to understand how in the world a 74 inch sofa could fit into such a diminutive package.  Running inside to announce the arrival, I grabbed the scissors and Hubby and zipped out to the driveway for the unveiling.
 Genius packing. Efficient and protective.
 We dissembled it outside and took it in in pieces....
 to spread out about in our already chaotic living room....
 Piling it on the now previous couchage....

 Waiting for the weekend when Eldest Son and Baby Girl's Hubby arrived to help with the dispersal of one and assembling of the other.....
 One review said the it took approximately 20 minutes for two reasonably intelligent people to put it together...We quickly assessed the intelligence of the house and felt comfortable with those selected.  I might add that it took closer to 30 minutes, but there was kibbutzers around so that put them off their game....
 Now, keep in mind that the room is far from the unveiling  but I could  not wait to share with you the very suitable sofa for my very new look.....
 Stayed tuned for more on the Makeover, but while you're not doing anything this weekend, you might check out the deals on Overstock.....

Tell them mama sent you......


  1. BAAHHHHH!!!! looooves the pillows! and i have said it before but i just LOVE that plant for the new look! love that you used it as more of focal point on the table! i can not WAIT till the next time i see it, seems like you have gotten so much more done! YAAAAY! :)!!!!

  2. Love the sofa! I saw nothing like it when I was sofa shopping! Congrats on your bravery too! I love the color as blue is a personal favorite of mine. On my computer it comes across a a soft wedgewood blue rather than turquoise.

  3. We bought three chairs, a table, and light fixture from overstock and love them all!


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