Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Auction Antics!

One of the profound  joys of Second Shift for Hubby and me, is the ability to go to Wednesday Auctions together.  All it takes is Hubby reading the Sunday Auction ads in the classifieds, to get our plans in action.
 He knows what draws my attention and he will accentuate those things as he reads the ad to me.  As if
.  As if I needed any more convincing.  We make the date, my collecting wheels go into motion.
 We've gone to many auctions together and our interests and needs have changed throughout the years.  We can easily pass on the things that tripped our triggers Back in the Day.  We smile when young couples score some great antiques at some mystifying price.  We know that the furniture deals are for the youngers that need to carry on the history and art of old furniture before Ikea takes over completely.
 But we enjoy gathering now for not just us, but for our Grown Up Kids, whether they want it or not.  We want to either have some nifty pieces for them or for selling them at a goodly price when we arrive at our heavenly home.
 In the meantime, we have much fun gathering little pieces of fun, being content in our new ability to be terribly selective.
 How about this sweet little passel of side tables?  Most of them found nice homes for a goodly sum, but the nice little scalloped number really had to come home with me.  It's primitively made charms spoke to me, telling me, 'Paint me white for the new Living Room Makeover!  I will obediently hold your stained glass lamp or any book or candle that you want me to!'  No one seemed interested in it except me.  Of course.  For a mere 10.00, it was mine.
 For this auction event, I stayed away from the sewing supplies, fabric and linens. Hubby had to notice that I was not elbowing other ladies at the mysterious boxes of the crafter of another decade. I did spend a  bit of time watching the choice boxes of intrigue selling so near me. But after working on the reduction of inventory in my basement and sewing area, my rational brain kicked in and yelled: 'Are you crazy!!?'  Again, I acquiesced for another sewist to gather and collect.  Today was not my day for those things.  I can share.
 Well, except for a quilt....At 25.00, I did have to rescue the second one from the front....Another lady bought  most of them for 40.00 each.  You can insert a 'What?' here....
 Cute little table, right?
 Very tempted ....Alas, the concrete goose was VERY heavy and the thought of Hubby carrying such a thing with his bad back to our truck parked  wayyyyy far away, was just too cruel....He would have tried, I bet...
 Did I mention that this 10.00 table came home with me? :D  See his new friend, Sweet Little White Folding Chair?  Yeah, they are happy to be home with me and my new living room plans...
 Well!  This Airstream Classic was a real deal....Oh my!  I could read the coveting thoughts of all the grey hairs in proliferation at the sale....It was palpable...Including the wanderlust Hubby in my company..Sigh...
And what would a good auction time be without good ol auction food?  Ham and beans and cornbread with tea, just like a good old Southern Indiana lady that I have become...

Wednesday Auctions....Gotta love it....

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