Monday, March 14, 2011


I blame the fact that I am the youngest of three girls that I love remodeling.  My Dad was a general contractor and I spent a lot of time with Dad, helping him, watching him work and in general, trying to make up for not being the boy that he had planned on.  He let me paint walls before I was even ten, so I've been painting for nigh on to fifty years now.  And I still love that a fresh coat of paint can change many things.

So I am positively giddy with the redecorating process in my little house.  I love the almost camp like feel of a house in transition.  I love that I can sit on my mantle painting the mullioned windows and giggle to myself how odd that would be in any other situation.  I love that Hubby is completely on board with this transformation.  I love that his presence that has been so distracted with many things for many years, is now refocused on the home front.  I love that he frets on how colors accent each other and about tones possibly conflicting.  I loved the day when he said, 'Let's go sofa shopping today!'  And, 'Did you order your couch from Overstock yet?'  And, 'Did you pick up the paint samples tonight?'  And, 'Shouldn't the fabric be here by now?'
 Good times.

We are now about half way through the process.  The contractor has finished in the basement and his contribution to the downstairs makeover makes me smile every time I see it. I love the new epoxied floor treatment.  I love the new moved wall, making room for a crib in the bedroom.  I love the clever way he hid the sump pump by creating a new sitting space/grandbaby nappie time area. Most Wonderful Contractor showed me that matchbox cars could zoom on the little shelf he created above the back of the bed/couch.  He said the bed area would also make a great Lego table or train mat surface.  Yeah.  We are kindred spirits of the carpentry kind. Now the fun finishing touches are underway downstairs and not a minute too soon as Baby Girl, Lil Lady and The Best Daddy Ever arrive this week.  They shall roost in their own little area downstairs while they Spring Break with us.

And upstairs, the painting continues.  Sanding, cleaning, priming, painting....three coats on the walls.  Kindred Spirit Friend tells me that it's always at least two; better for three.  And I agree.  A bit fun having so many windows and doorways and a staircase, but I don't mind.  I'm on my fourth audio book so I'm good with monotonous yet fresh.  Kinda like the process.

Haven't gotten the shipping email on the couch, but am working like it's coming tomorrow.  Hubby hung the new curtain rod and the new curtains are still circling in my brain.  Fabric's on the cutting table; the curtains and the throw pillows.  And it makes me happy....
Ah.  The freshness of Spring.  The renewal of the Spirit within.  The hope for the future.  The thankful love of The Loving Father.
It is good......

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  1. How fun to see everything come together like this and how very nice that hubby is so handy and interested it the entire process...I'm sure your family will be pleased with all of the loving details you have done with them in mind..Have a good time with them!!


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