Monday, April 18, 2011

Out and About

All the sweet enjoyments of a new season can simply overwhelm our senses.  You yearn to be outside enjoying all that spring has to offer yet there are still indoor things to do.  What do you do?  
 Do the inside things at  night or on a rainy day.  Take advantage of the daylight hours to slurp up the freshness of the day.  Or you can try to do it all by having a tea party outside.
On my weekly visit with Thirdsie Grant, we decided after taking the dogs for a walk, that an outdoor tea party would fit the bill for a compromise.  At the store earlier that day, we picked up TG's favorite treat:  mini Oreos.  Perfect for our pretend crumpets/scones.  They fit on the teeny plate and a handful can jump in your mouth without much effort.  So TG and I shlurped and poured and munched without the pesky worries of spills or uninvited puppies.  However, Stella the Cat had to bring her curiosity every now and then.  And I'm certain that the ants appreciated TG's generous sugar portions ...

 Yes, the best of both worlds; the joys of tea with the pleasure of a spring day.....

Today, I noticed the first of many iris blooming away..(Some around here call them 'flags'.....).

 And on a purpley note, the wisteria ain't doin' too bad either!  I wish you could take a whiff of this sweet flower...My bee friends have arrived and I believe are having a family reunion!  Many Bee Buds!

 Today was Fleur de Lis Day.  Ninety Four Year Old Ruth hosted today.  Yes, she made this cake, pineapple frosting and all.  Crushed strawberries on the side.  With ice cream.  When you are 94 you can eat this in the afternoon too.
 We were twelve this day.  I come away with the most amazing tales of days past and a most positive perspective on the future.....Wonderful ladies...I had mentioned the tables that our hostess had put together for the occasion.  She told me that her husband had made the one large, gate leg table.  They had bought property near a lake and began to build by thinking of the furniture needed to host the family.  She found a table in a magazine that she liked but he was overwhelmed by the price.  He found the pine boards to fabricate this amazing table.  It easily seats a passel of people, with two side drawers for utensils and linens.  Did I mention that he also built grandfather clocks?  Yeah, a visit with NFYOR is always a treat for me....

 Last weeks rainy days found me in the sewing room waiting for interlining for some Diaper Bags to Be...In my piddling around, I figured it was a perfect time to make a quick top for the summer.  I made sure it met the requirements for the perfect top.  Love it.  Took two hours to make. Ka-ching.
 Last week, YS and I walked downtown to check out the thrift store.  We might have taken the weensiest of detours to the cafe to sample it's new soda fountain offerings.  A good idea...
 Hubby and I took TG to the Methodist Monthly Outreach Luncheon last Thursday.  I love getting to visit with my Fleur and Garden Exchange Buds.  TG got to visit with his real Nana and we got to enjoy the culinary expertise of the Methodist Women.
 Good to have a Walk up Drive up window for the Discount Tobacco store.  Do not want to waste time stocking up on your nicotine.
Yes, a lot of Out and Abouts recently.
It's a good idea to go prepared for trips around.  Safety seat; check.  Sun hat: check.  Flowered pants: check.  Huge, over the top sunglasses that nearly covers your teeny nose: Double check.

Have fun Out and About this spring.
And don't forget your sunglasses.....

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