Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture Joys!

 Hello.  My name is Deb and I am a CSA Newbie.
My Eldest Daughter has preached organic for years and my Baby Girl and Her Hubby has shown me just how accessible good, fresh, pesticide free produce is.
Then, Running Mom posted a facebook status about her favorite CSA taking reservations.
Running Mom can just about say anything and because she is so amazing, I would sign on.
She is years younger than me, but I want to be her when I grow up.
So I did what all Running Mom Wannabes do; I signed up with her CSA for the growing season.
 And today came(delivered by her friend because RM is so responsible and she couldn't pick up so she arranged for mine to be picked up along with hers.  See? Amazing.)
Hear me when I say that I have never been so overwhelmed with the beauty, freshness and tastefulness of simple produce.  I had company when the delivery arrived and I wanted to stop the conversation just so I could photograph the loveliness.  But I didn't; I was polite and did so immediately after my visitor left.  Immediately.
 I had to go to school for my last day of tutoring otherwise I do believe I would have skipped school just so I could make a salad.
Two minutes upon returning home, I was able to put together a salad containing, are you ready for this:,
Tiny baby salad mix, spinach, green onions, radishes, Oska Purple mustard, Blue Scotch kale, peas shoots and 
 TA DA!  Fresh, fresh, beautiful strawberries!!  I have recently been using a most tasty salad dressing that I found in my Christies's cook book.  Light, fresh ingredients completely complimented the perfect first spring salad mixture. You need very little dressing; the salad truly stands alone.  Three helpings of this ambrosia.  Yep.
But I could not leave the strawbabies alone.
Recipe for instant strawberry shortcake?  Clean strawberries and several (ahem) shortbread cookies.  I did share with Hubby.  Some.
So, thank you RF for introducing me to the joy of CSA's and to my girlies for being such  good examples. And  to Heart Land Family Farms for bringing good, fresh things to this ol' lady.......!~

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