Saturday, May 28, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen!

 Sometimes when you are all set to visit your first granddaughter, and fate deals your daughter a blow in the form of storm damaged plumbing, you have to pacify yourselves with different behavior to distract your heart from disappointment.  Yesterday, Hubby and I hit the backyard and garden area with a vengeance, hacking away at the lush weedery, provided by the stormy month we are now preparing to file in the history books..
Today, we were able to visit the Farmer's Market,  We were able to score a pink gooseberry bush and two tiny pots of Eyelash Begonias.  I have had about every kind of begonia, angel wing, perennial, dark leaf, but never, ever have seen Eyelash Begonias.  Adorabley beautiful.
 A trip to our local Walmart in Paoli for basic gardening supplies, brought us to lunchtime and decisions to make.  Of course, I'm always ready for a trip to Lost River Coop and Deli, ; Hubby, not so much.  I was up for something different and Hubby suggested the new German Restaurant down a bit from Walmart's exit.  How very convenient for something different to be so near by!

  The German Cafe is remarkably different for this area.  In counties known for home cooking involving lots of Sysco Supplies, good eatin is generally thirty to forty five minutes away.

 Well.  At least it used to be that way...
.Finding fresh ingredients and personal service from the non chain eaterys, is akin to hen's teeth.  The vibe for this restaurant is a kitschy collection of personal memorabilia mixed in with German artifacts.  Each table is decorated differently and I got quite caught up in the eclectic style that the owner used for this wee little restaurant.
Our spontaneous luncheon in quest for something different, took us to the most amazing food that we have ever experienced....
Our sweet little server, fresh from Georgia, and the owners, authenticly German and highly talented, provided Hubby and I with a most enjoyable meal.  The Schnitzel was by far, the best we ever experienced, anywhere.  The tenderloin was tender (we could hear it being pounded in the kitchen from where we sat), the light breading, the pan fried skill that few can do well, was fighting over worthy.  I ordered a platter of salads of all kinds (and served in a wonderfully vintage sectioned tray!) and the plan was to share the HUGE tenderloin with my numerable salad sides.  Both Hubby and I were so involved in our own offerings, that we had to remind each other to share.  Even their tea was grand.  Hubby, eager to try a dark lager German beer, nearly forgot that gout frowns upon most alcohol. Well, one; and recovering from NoVivien-Disorder we thought he might as well indulge.

When Sweet Server offered their very famous Dream Cake or German Chocolate Cake or the Lemon Tart, we simply groaned and made a very prominent mental note for future visits....

If you are reading this in Southern Indiana and points nearby, do yourself a favor and contribute to small business and local owners and enjoy the best German food ever.

 (I do believe my Grandmother's Gutzweiller and VonKoenig would have felt right at home; I thought of them the whole time we were there....).

Okay.  We are still sad about missing Miss Viv, but it sure did help......

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Yum, my mouth is watering! So sad that you didn't get to see your 'Miss Viv'.

    Have a Happy Memorial weekend!

  2. wowser....i know where we are going next trip home!!!!!! im crossing my fingers big time that this original wonderful place located in such a non diverse area will survive!!!!!


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