Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pretend Sunday Dinner

In my mythical quest for all things homey, cozy and haven-like, my heart's desire is to host all of my babies every Sunday at my home for a hearty, conversational dinner.   I know that there are some of you reading this, that really get to do this, but sadly, my 'little' ones are far away establishing patterns of their own.
 So in the meantime, while I wait in my fantasy land, I will revel in the times where some of my dream becomes real.  Like last Sunday, Easter Sunday.  Baby Girl, Her Hubby and Baby Girl were in town and we joined them at Her Hubby's parents church for worship.  We waited the weekend while they spent time with the other Most Lovely Parents, and we got them on their way back home, which included Easter Dinner, one of my favorite traditions.  This year, armed with a pretty new baby, new cookware and a commercial KitchenAid, I was set to do it up swell.
 The night before, I began the roll dough, the hard boiled eggs, the tea making and read up on all the new recipes I was set to launch for the celebration.  I always make sure that the table is set the night before, thus reducing the day to concentrating on guests and last minute cooking details.  It never ceases to amaze me how different the table looks in the morning and how many other ideas for the setting I can arrive at once I've let my pre cooking tired body rest.
 And so we worshipped together and headed home to indulge me in my ongoing fantasy, if just for one day.
 After sighing nicely in agreement of the new recipes and discussing all that families discuss, after passing the baby back and forth as she watched us partake of an extremely yummy dinner, we drifted off to the living room to find our little perches to absorb the goodness of a good meal and wonderful company.  Quiet music cued our quiet spirits and as everyone from puppy to baby, as if on cue, indulged in a blissful Sunday nap.
As Grammy surrounded Lil Lady with the tightest of hugs as she slept soundly, visions of many more family dinners with many more grandchildren, real and pretend, entertained her giddy brain.

If you are surrounded by your family on a regular basis, embrace the bond and celebrate your time together.
If your family is scattered to the hinterlands, adopt and embrace others to do the job.
Whatever your option, enjoy and share your Sunday Dinner and your Sabbath Rest...

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  1. i want that meal again RIGHT NOW!
    SOOOO yummy!!!!!!
    And what a grand time it was...someday Mimi...someday :)


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