Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Owly Occasion

If you were eleven years old and a huge fan of  The Owls of Ga'hoole, wouldn't you want an owl themed birthday?  Math Friend has let it be known to me on several(many) occasions, that she loves every aspect of these nocturnal birds of prey.  She has already earned quite a few owl figurines on the way to memorizing her times tables so I knew that I needed to get creative in my celebratory search for just the right birthday gift from me.

It appears I didn't have to look too far.  Trolling throughout fabric websites provides me with the endless possibilities of fabrics for nearly every occasion.  And since Math Friend loves spending time in my sewing room and, dare I say, directing some of my sewing attempts for her, what better gift for an owl lovin, fabric interested eleven year old, than an uniquely designed tote bag for all her Owl Book hauling, towel carrying to the pool, self?

 Big pocket inside with the reminder 'Jesus loves Math Friend' sewn inside...Just want her to always know that....

.Since last week when we made Math Cake, I informed her that she most certainly needed an owl cake for her Big Day.  She heartily agreed.  And thus it was so.
 After school, she came knocking at my front door; a quick 'hi' and a quicker, 'Did you make my Owl Cake?'
I think she was pleased with the results.  She is smile stingy so to get this happy little grin, did my heart good....

And here is my Math Friend, ready to move on to fifth grade, with the help of a very humorous God that thought it would be a good idea to bring on board Ms. Math Deficient to aid her.  
Only God would want her (and me) to know, that it is all about Him and how much He cares for this little owl crazed eleven year old..

Happy Birthday, Math Friend....Jesus loves you so much....


  1. What a difference you two are making in each other's life!! Love the cake and bag! LOVE the friendship!

  2. :*) this is all so very wonderful.


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