Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden Glimpse

It's early in the season.
Lots of unpredictable weather.  LOTS of rain.  And the bugs that come with that.  Oh, and there was that 38 degree night right before the tomatoes went in.....
In short, gardening this year has been pretty much of a gamble.
 But then there are those, rare, low humidity, sparkly days.  A gentle breeze cools you off as you weed and plant, that just makes it worth it.
 I like to sneak up on my garden from different angles to get a strangers point of view.  (I do this in my house with a mirror or hanging upside down.  I know.)  It's amazing how perspective aids you in the flowery decisions that need to be made in a garden.
 I like to have lots of little things to look at in my garden for my little visitors.  I have collected little jars and bottles for the future horticulturists to make Fairy Bouquets.  They get to pick out the flowers and I get to share the names of the blooms with the awe struck little friends.
 I'll hide little critters around for the unsuspecting visitors to smile at while concentrating on a bud....
 This year, veggies have moved in amongst the blossoms.  Rotating my 'crops' to urge better production should give me more tomatoes.  And peppers.  And herbs.

 Garden Gail provided these lovely Cherry Bells Campanula last year.  Beautiful. And prolific.  Good.

 The entrance to the Secret Garden and all the toil and joy that the growing season brings...

I love spring.

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