Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mimi Nirvana

If lemonade is indeed made from lemons, then my lemonade is the finest ever made.

How God works is always a delightful, overwhelming, mystic experience to me. Watching, waiting, waiting can be unnerving but always worth it.....

When Eldest/Admin's house received crazy damage when late May storms roared through, it was most inconvenient.  The damage was so specific and important to the function of the house, that we could almost hear God giggling. However, EA now has the dream bathroom she has wanted for years all due to a precise hit of a very large tree falling dead on to a very tiny (relatively speaking) vent pipe on her massive roof.  Funny, huh? And because E/A is just the busy, get it done type of lovely Type A personality, she went into gear to get much done and properly broke her foot.  With no complete, functional potty room to her name and many steps in her bi-level, she did what every mother of a two year old does in this wonky situation: 
She Goes To Mimi's House!
And just think how ticked off this Mimi was when she heard that it could be a spell that the two little scallywags would perch in her home!  Yippeeeee!!
Hubby and I went into hyper parent/grandparent mode, both to enjoy Miss Viv but to care for her mama so that she could be her best when she returned to her hubby and new bathroom(s).

Mothering at fifty seven is not the same as mothering in your twenties/thirties.  Never mind the physical expenditure, but, my goodness, how I wish I had the enormous amounts of patience and chilled attitude that I now have as a Mimi than I did when I was a young mama.  Perhaps we should ask God about that one; how's about packaging the elderly wisdom/patience into the very energetic body of a youthful mama?  But then, we would have little need for Him, right?

My nights of story times with the blissful sighs of a freshly scrubbed toddler leaning on my shoulder was euphoric.  My first thing in the morning greetings of  'Hi Mimi!  Did you have good sleeps?' warmed my heart like nothing else. The spontaneous hugs with proclamations of love to this long distance Mimi, was golden.
And since E/A was in town for a spell, Baby Girl thought that she needed in on the party and hitched a ride to town to spend a fun filled six days at Mimi and Papas.
Watching Baby Girl's Baby Girl interact with Miss Viv was joy.
Listening to motherly conversations between E/A and BG; heavenly.
We enjoyed porch time, abundance of good meals provided by BG's learned hands.
I gardened with a little one in tow.
I prepared little meals for my strawberry blond dolly, whose appetite appeared to soar...
I helped with a baby shower for Granddaughter Number Three
I sewed on bag orders with the sweetest Sewing Room Assistant who would casually tell me how beautiful my fabrics were.
I fetched and did and found myself humming away as I did what I was created to do.

On Farmer's Market Day, Mimi Nirvana reached it's apex when my two grands, two daughters, Youngest Son, Lovely Lily and Pretend Daughter and her 2G's and Baby Lamb, all converged into the same air space.
A peace, a joy, an indescribable warmth in my heart permeated through my being.
I am a Child of the 70's and believe me when I say that their is no greater high than experiencing this kind of love.

Today, as I wonder through my still rooms and find little snippets of Miss Viv's visit, a huge lump comes into my throat.  I know that she will not be two years and three months old again but the next visit will bring a new skill to be thrilled about.  I know she shall remember me based on on our most memorable of visits.

 I shall rejoice in fallen trees, ruined plumbing and broken foots, knowing that recipe brought much  entertainment and joy into this very blessed Mimi's life.

Thank you Lord.......

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