Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Leaf

When our children were young, I used to tell my husband that I could scrimp on about anything: clothes at garage sales, food at Aldi's, Walmart for about everything else, but I could not, could not scrimp on :
1.) Cologne 2) Haircuts.

 He knew that it was non negotiable and we didn't need to discuss it again.  When a favorite stylist left town or retired, finding a replacement was a painful process.  My pitifully thin hair with the tendency to take off in different directions, needed the guidance of a talented hand or I could (and had) end up in a brush breaking tragedy.

Many years ago, as I prepared to fly to Portland Oregon to visit my newborn niece, I knew that I needed some immediate hair attention that could get me through some major airports respectfully.
 For some bizarre reason, after a myriad of disappointing appointments I was in sore need for a new, talented stylist. So I did what any intelligent woman in need of a good haircut does: Select a stylist based on her last name and it's similarity to a classmate of one of my daughters. I thought the stylist might be the little girl's mother, but after seeing the reed thin, very young lady that was about to attempt to conquer my hair, I knew otherwise.  Yikes. The terror of an untested hair designer. Remember, I was headed to the west coast and I had a Midwestern reputation to dispel.  I could not stereotypically arrive like the hayseed that I was.  To top it off, it appeared that the young woman was angry at some young man.  Lots of statements regarding the irritation and uselessness of the male segment of society was being thrown about as she washed my hair.
 But yet, there was something, something that drew me to this beautiful young lady.  We spoke easily and even though the affliction of anxiety disorder/agoraphobia, that usually made those kinds of visits most uncomfortable, it seemed to be on hold for the hour that I was with her.
 A most wonderful haircut ensued from that most kismet of visits.
 This young woman melded into our family and she humored my inability to come to the salon on occasions, by coming to my house to do my do.  As years gathered, she would come for dinner and take barbering turns with each member of our family.  She even had me come to her house once when I was six weeks post partum with Baby Girl when my schedule was based on nursing and she adapted by seeing me at night at her house. She called us her CareBear Family and we would grin each time she called us that.   
Eldest/Admin worked as her first receptionist when she was able to open her own salon.  Kindred Spirit Friend designed and worked on the decor of the same salon.  E/A's first of many 90's perms came from her.  BG's first trim; same talented lady.  I do believe that my son's first crush on a grown up lady, was her.
 Life took her to different cities but we maintained contact while I measured every stylist that I have seen since,  to her capable hands.  She was and still is, the bar that E/A, BG and myself hold up to any stylist since those CareBear days.
 Then life happened.  We had finally lost touch.  Years passed and current addresses fell off.
 Then the wonder of Facebook stepped up to the plate and reacquainted us again.
 This time our worlds collided at just the right time.

 Her organic salon http://leaforganicsalon.com/ was in need of handmade market bags. This is  one of the things that I do.  I love to make market bags.
 Finally, I was able to return the huge favors that she did for me for nearly ten years.  Times that she took gentle care of me when I needed the boost of a new haircut but was unable to leave my home.  Times that she provided above and beyond the call of any stylist and I did not forget this.  It is pure joy to be able to create for her most lovely of salons.

Designing Donna has received the first of my shipment of market bags, some of those are pictured here.  The lovely leaf bag is for her.  DD has ordered a pesticide free, organic bag to carry her things in and I made sure that it was distinctively her, including her logo and homage to the New Leaf.

God weaves our lives in such intricate stitches.  Thank you Lord for using This Thread in my tapestry....

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