Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fast Post: Fast Food

1.  Jogging Jean delivers CSA around 12:15pm.
2.  Hubby announces at 12:17pm that he has to leave for work two hours early. (I do believe he told me this yesterday but that was so yesterday.) Previous luncheon plans scrapped.
3.  I hastily read the lovely letter that is included with each CSA delivery from the Head Farmer Teresa where she includes Handy Hints/Recipes for the produce that is delivered that day, at 12:20pm.
4.  I begin doing exactly as she says with a bit of embellishment. At 12:35pm, water is boiling for pasta and the early squash is chopped as is the Swiss chard and radishes.  All are sauteed in butter, (yes, olive oil is better for you, but butter.....), kosher salt and ground pepper.  I quickly minced some garlic just because I love it so.  While the noodles are cooking al dente, I run outside to my herb garden and clip some basil and parsley.  The noodles are drained, tossed with butter not olive oil, garlic, grated fresh Parmesan.
5.  Hubby and I sit down at 12:50pm to eat the freshest, must scrumptious Fast, Fast food ever.
6.  Hubby leaves at 1:00pm with a full and happy tummy.
7.  Take that Fast Food establishments!


  1. Looks wonderful and yummy! Were you multi-tasking and talking on the phone while all this was going on because you sounded pretty calm...! :)


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