Sunday, September 4, 2011


 Most Sundays, Hubby and I travel forty five minutes northward to church.
We do not feel like this is a burden or something to be ticked off our To Do list,  but a genuine desire to intentionally set aside one day of our crazily busy week to honor and worship The Author of our lives.  If we were to be honest in our self evaluation, we would deem it necessary to certainly commit more than the few hours in community worship and daily seeking time to cover our sinful selves.

We are not publicly linked to any one church in membership; our frenetic wandering lives keep us from that kind of commitment.  We see the merit in many kinds of churches meeting many kinds of needs.  In the thirty three years that I have publicly committed to Jesus Christ, I have attended quite a few different types of churches and found that I was where I needed to be for such a time as that in my life.  For  varied reasons, I was lead/directed/inspired to attend varied churches to get all that the Lord was to teach me in that particular location.

I see God's plan in creating the church.  I see the blessed fellowship of the joining together of kindred hearts, lifting up praises to The One that got us through the week.. The One that created me.  That loves me when I am quite unlovable.  The One that saved me into eternity by sacrificing His Son for my sin, disgusting and proliferating as it is. 
 I know, I know, I know that I shall be in Heaven someday despite myself and my propensity for sinning and disappointing.  I know that it has nothing to do with my 'goodness' or what I 'do',  but everything to do with His holiness and His willingness to take my punishment.  This is awesomely overwhelming to me.   If Creation and Salvation from Hell was not enough, He sent His Spirit to strengthen, encourage, support, convict, comfort me while I put in time on this globe.  How could I ever survive the onslaught of this earth without this mighty Triune, Holy, All Knowing, Perfect God?

Everything in my life points back to a Holy God.  All that I have is from Him.  Any talent, wisdom or knowledge comes directly from The One that wants me to know these things for His Greater Purpose that is completely unknown to me.  If I indeed, did know it, I would be so full of myself and abilities that I would be pretty much ridiculous to know.  He alone knows when to take me down a peg and how to do it.  He alone knows how to show me the err of my ways and how to correct it.  He alone cares enough to correct me.

In this world of vast belief systems, I choose God.  
Amidst multitudinous religions, I choose to have faith in the fact that this universe has an orderly fashion ordained by The Only One that could have possibly planned it all.  Anything else just simply takes more faith than I have.

I do so love Jesus.
I am thankful His awesome gift to my life.
For all our lives.  Free and loving and non conditional and obtainable by all.  He has given us instructions.  We just have to decide if we are going to follow it.

Thank you Lord for helping me follow it and forgiving me when I don't.

Blessed Sunday to you....

'And if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things are gone, behold, the new has come.'  2 Corinthians 5:17

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