Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Lessons

 You know how most days begin: Your feet hit the floor and soon after your brain catches up with the goings on of the day.  Your brain tries to absorb the details and duties while your eyes are still smarting from the light of day.  And then there are those days where before you can flush, you are on overload.  Too much info too fast can cause a brain freeze that is not too friendly to early morning.  And thus it began this morning.  But, as is so often in my life, I was to get a wuppin from the Lord.
 I bounded down the stairs, phone and walking shoes in hand, eager to get this show on the road.  My list of To Do's was rolling off the edge of the paper and I needed to get movin!  As usual, while I put on my shoes, I check in to my window on my world via the Internet.  Hubby, very clever in his subtleties, devised long ago a password to our computer that would keep things in perspective.  He uses a word and number that would keep us accountable as we approach the great beast of computer land.  I know this number as well as I know him.  But today, as I entered the holy word, it was rejected.  Frustrated as this loss of.....micro seconds......I regrouped and wondered what in the world I had done wrong.  Soon, I realized that instead of the most proper word, I had used my own name.  Smack.  Yes; I got it immediately.  I had put myself right where I certainly did not need to be.  My foolish self, thinking I had anything to do with the outcome of this very day, thinking that I had any control over the seemingly 'important' agendas in my very small life, thinking that I was going to 'git er done' on my own volition.  Ha.
Needless to say, after this very appropriate wuppin from the Lord, my walk went most differently.  I adjusted my Me-Mobile to the So What is it YOU want me to do today, Lord, perspective and did I ever have the most lovely, peaceful, joy filled walk.  The Gotta Do It Now thing got laid down to a more acceptable level and a time of thankfulness replaced the panic.

It was with new eyes, that I got to enjoy this early fall morning.  I  noticed the tiniest of details on miniature mushrooms on the edge of the road.   At the abandoned trailer home of three children that I once had the pleasure of nurturing years ago, I received the gift of the beautiful primroses blooming amazingly in the midst of a yard full of overgrown weeds.  My prayers burst forth in hope as I pictured their fractured lives blooming forth like these misplaced but incredibly healthy blossoms.  The Lord gave me hope to my heavy heart over the current state of these children.  My spirit soared as this secret message was given in the form of a flower that I could have easily overlooked had my mind been off kilter.

I wrapped up my walk passing by an empty house that has started to show it's neglect.  The fence is being vandalized, picket by picket and the shrubs are overgrown.  But there, in the cool autumn morning, are the most delightful new roses, newly refreshed from the drought by the gentle rainfall this week.  No one has watered these roses for a long time except for.....Oh yes, the One that is in control......

What is your chaos today?  Who is your peace?
Take a walk.  Look for the details.  And glory in the little lessons......

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