Monday, November 28, 2011

Full Heart *sigh*

 Not many words today.
Heart is imploding and lots of sighs are expending but words just fall short.
 Having a house full of my favorite people just does a number on this very very very very thankful Mimi.
 Making food for my sweeties always takes me over the top.  Listening to their conversations while I saute and bake keeps a smile on my face for days.
 Taking part in my grands first holidays darn near takes me over the edge, emotionally.  Observing that I do indeed have the most adorable in laws ever, seals the deal.
 The transformation of the quiet little house to crazy, hectic party home tickles me like nothing else.
 Running the dish washer three times a day makes me laugh at what it must be thinking.  Wondering how four dozen eggs, innumerable loaves of bread, gallons of tea and juice and never mind the pounds of butter that were ingested and enjoyed, could have disappeared,  makes me giggle.
 Pretty sure my muscles groups that seldom carry little ones, are thinking that I've lost my mind.  Pretty sure I have.  And my heart. Many times over.
 Remembering the joy of pretend play as Papa, Unca Joco and Pretend Cousin Sara played Daddy, Mommy and baby horsies with Miss Viv for hours......

We even had two courageous men head out to Black Friday to score some deals....

In keeping of the competitive and wacky spirit of gaming in this household, a trophy was awarded the high points of some video game that involved unicorns and rainbows.  I think.  All we know that Miss Viv's Mommy horse was sacrificed for the honor of becoming the trophy. I told you; things get strange around here.

On Sunday afternoon, after four days of wonderful camaraderie, lots of food and laughter and baby holding, my adorable guests searched the house for their belongings and added some things as well and packed their cars well as they headed off to their real lives, far away from this Mimi....... The silence was deafening as the house sighed in contemplation as to just what went on.

So as we head off to the Merry Month of December, let us carry in our hearts the warmth of our relationships and the priorities of family and friends.
And may we be kind - as if at the end of the Christmas Season, we shall receive a trophy as dandy as the one that was fashioned out of my sewing room this past weekend by Baby Girl's Hubby....

My dear children: I love you more than my luggage.....


  1. It was one of the memorable and wonderful Thanksgivings EVER!!!! So many girlies, so many laughs, so many good times... the only bad things is that it's over :( Miss you all so much!

  2. Beautiful oldest grand Viv is looking like a very mature and wise toddler. Lil Lady looks, as always, the perfect example of the lady she'll become, and Miss Tiny Adeline is growing up to the point that I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seeing a front view of Lil Lady. You are blessed, Dear Friend, but it's because you shower so many blessings on others, it's bound to come back two-fold.

  3. DITO what Rhiannon said. Keep replaying so many memories of the week over and over in my head and storing them in my heart...

  4. i love that photo of lailyn and vivien so so much.


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