Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old Blazer; New Hip Bag!

 I look at all cloth as a potential something than what it is.  I walk through Goodwill and see fabric,not clothing.  I see tablecloths or place mats or curtains and think, 'what else can I make this?'

Same goes with my closet.  Today, I asked Hubby, 'Do you have any corduroy that you're not using?'  He does not think this is strange.  He has been answering obtuse questions like this for nearly 40 years.  He just goes to his closet and looks around.

Youngest Son wouldn't think of throwing out used clothes.  He brings too small sweaters and well used pants into my sewing room, knowing for a fact that he will see them again, transmogrified into something else.

 So when this old blazer at St Vincent de Paul's Thrift Shop hopped into my hands, no one with me thought, 'Hmm Deb.  A bit dated huh?  A bit too big?'  Nope.  They knew that I would bring it home, cannibalize it by removing buttons, pockets and yes, even labels (I collect them too) pop it into a steamy hot washer and equally hot dryer and wait for it to become an extremely felted wool, just waiting to be a crossover/hip bag for some lovely person.

The breast pocket was just dandy and I knew that I had to utilize it's handiness.  I cut long strips out of the back panels for the extra long straps.  Searched my stash for the right vintage button. Even used some old blouse material for the lining.  A true repurposing manifesto. 

Always donate your cast offs to charity.  However, if there is a piece that you just have trouble parting with, consider transforming it into something else useful to elongate your loving relationship with that particular item.     You will be quite pleased with yourself.   

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