Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 As you know, I celebrate by birthday all month long.  Why not?
  I embrace my years, thankful for all the mistakes I've made in my life and the lessons learned from them.  Thankful, indeed, and quite celebratory that I managed to survive in spite of myself.  So, it was off to do what I do in November- Have Fun.
 I started off the rather long weekend by seeing to it that I had time with Faithful Friend.  We go to Salem Indiana to share a dinner at 'our' favorite restaurant: christiesonthesquare.com  They let us stay there for hours, enjoying their atmosphere and not charging us rent for the lengthy amount of time that we park ourselves.  Their Cobb Salad was huge enough for next nights dinner, (as well as the Tiramusu dessert. Yum).  Good time. 

The photo on top shows that I include work in the mix.  My work is an amazing blessing and thrill for me so it can barely be counted as 'work'.  This past weekend, by friendship with Rabbit Rita ritabunny.com took me to Louisville, Kentucky, in the wee hours of the morning, to help RR with a private showing preview for the holidays.  Early, early up and helping set up in the darkness of Saturday morning, fuels my adrenalin, not drain it.  I borrow off her abundant energy and learn through her long years of creating and sharing with the masses.  It was a jolly good exhaustion when the Rabbitmobile dropped me off at my residence a good twelve hours later.
 Sunday morning found me packing for my next Birthday Event: visiting Sweet Sharon in Jasper Indiana.  SS used to live down the street from me and she is missed.  Her birthday is in early December so we make it a point to share some time somewhere between the two dates to celebrate the wonders of us and our own quirky sense of humor.
 This visit was particularly memorable because I got to help her nearly thirteen year old granddaughter with the wonderful joy of sewing.  Sewing Stephanie asked for a sewing machine for Christmas last year and she has been want for some direction since then.  It was a joy to witness this young lady  view the wonder of piecing two squares of material together to make something that you can declare that you made!  SS was a natural!  She took charge of her machine like a pro and the more instruction I've gave, the more she embraced it and ran with it.  I love to kindle the spark.  I believe we have not heard the last from this budding creator....
 Sweet Sharon pursued on in our quest for a swell visit....We shopped at a country fabric store in a huge pole barn yet with fabric for all types of sewing. fabrichideaway.com.  We played games (ones that SS made up and  changed rules as we went along).  We watched a movie and DVR'd shows. I knitted and quilted.  SS made wonderful meals and I slept like the dead.
A wonderful respite for this crazed woman of much busyness.  Sweet Sharon's lovely home and generous hospitality, fueled my creative juices for new work in the weeks to come.  I got the chance to slow down my movement so that I could plan and prepare in a neutral territory with no obligations, for nearly 48 hours.  Pure balm for a busy mind and body.

Sweet Sharon is one of the most humorous people I know.  She's one of those ladies that can get you in much trouble because no one expects the silliness that she exudes to come from such a lovely woman.  From me, yes, but not my most wonderful of friends.  Her proper exterior belies her crazy sense of humor.  We Get each other.  And I am ever so thankful for her friendship and laughter in my life.

Thank you dear friend.....

Please; be a respite for someone today.......

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