Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Bliss

 The day dawned clear and deeply blue, setting off the last of the autumn color.

Wait a minute.  No it didn't.  Rainy and cold, it was a perfect day for me.  I love rainy days.  No dog walking first thing or urgency to go anywhere other than a different spot on my mattress.  Hubby agreed.

 Once I did join the conscious, I skipped downstairs to find a brightly colored gift on my front door knob.  This was the second time this week this has happened.  It could become a habit for me.  I like it.  Editor Friend left a most jolly gift yesterday and Sweet Sharon completed her yearly habit of leaving my gift first thing in the morning.  The tradition started many years ago when as an elementary teacher, she would be off to work before the crack of dawn.  Like a small child, I would sometimes smile to myself as I, half asleep, would hear her car pull away from my curb after accomplishing her delivery.  For some lonely birthdays, this was such a blessing to me.  This year, since she lives miles away from me now rather than the convenience of down the block, she had Birthday Fairies deliver the yearly surprise.

Monday morning, Pretend Daughter Emily came for her regular breakfast visit.  This time, we shared lunch rather than breakfast and she blessed me with a lovely fall bouquet.  She is a November Gal as well and we shall do her birthday next week.  November People stick together.

As you can see, the flowers went well with some of my other gifts: Chocolate Iced Chocolate Brownies, Extremely cool vase from Sweet Sharon and more chocolate from Crazy Dee.  My friends know me.

 Crazy Dee had called earlier this week to reserve me for The Actual Day.  She did not allow Hubby to come with.  She is crazy that way.  CD did take me to my favorite spot for lunch and brought a BIG bag of wonderful, me-like gifts to celebrate.  She knew she better.  When I am by myself in her kitchen, I tend to place 'reminders' on her planning calendar.  I conveniently let her know how many shopping days are left till the Big Day.  Nice of me, yes?  Do not worry.  She is worse about her birthday than I am about mine.  We have a good time out doing each other.

 On the way home from lunch, in the midst of pouring rain, a lone garage sale was taking place in a wee little town.  Lots of fabric and the most wonderful milk pitcher and matching tea pot.  These type of kismetian opportunities are special little kudos from God.  Only God could have arranged that sale on this day in that community.  In the rain.  And cold.  And I do believe I might have been the only one that went to it.  I did wake up the 'proprietor' in her van as I knocked on the door of the rented space that was the garage sale door.  I have the most fun.

After I was home for awhile, the doorbell rang.  Huzzah!  Another gift!  Neighbor Natalie brought by her Little Neighbor Meisa, to give me a vintage Coca Cola sign!  I was very touched by her acknowledging My Day.  And this year, I didn't even have a sign in the yard!  Extraordinary!

I had a bit of time before Youngest Son escorted me to our local Mexican Restaurant for supper.  The rain was turning colder and I turned to one of birthday presents for a little warmth.  Earl Grey Lavender Tea sounded just right.

After festive feasting with YS, I came home to wrap my mind around my new dining room curtain material.  A day off of other people's work, I indulged myself by measuring, cutting and making the curtain and cutting out more for cushions.

The hours of the evening ticked on while I wrapped up the day reading my Facebook wishes and counting myself well blessed by the incredible people in my life.

So here's to year Fifty Eight!
May I do it justice!!

[Postscript: Next Day: One beautiful sculpted angel for my creche crafted and created by Rabbit Rita!  A post unto itself!  Birthday Brownies received in the mail from the consistently amazing Most Loving Friend.  I receive brownies for most life occasions from her: birth, bereavement, birthday, bed and breakfast jaunts etc etc.  She is swell.  Sigh.]


  1. That fabric is just AMAZING! I can't wait to see what it becomes.... :)
    Glad you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  2. Oooooooo!!!! AGREED!!! the fabric is PEEERFECT!!!!
    and yay for another well celebrated birthday!!! maybe in future years Lails and I can take you out too :)

  3. That's right, we November's stick together--I didn't realize it until now, but I'm only 4 days after you! :) Next year, we just need to get you to come down to the kids' Sunday School opening and put your 59 pennies in the bank! :)
    Glad you had a great day! Yes, so many blessings!

  4. Why shouldn't we celebrate your birthday? It's such a blessing to have you here on earth!!


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