Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Profoundly Small Things

  • I can turn my faucets and relatively clean water issues forth
  • I can open my door and walk out anytime I want
  • I have the privilege to walk into my kitchen and eat whatever I want
  • If nothing pleases me there, I have the privilege to go to a restaurant of my choice
  • I can launder my fairly decent clothes in my own washer and dryer
  • I own four cars
  • I have three toilets that flush
  • I own a crazy amount of bibles and Christian literature
  • I have a room just for my sewing machine
  • I can worship freely
  • I have school systems that have walls and desks, books and electronic equipment
  • Each of my children have their own computers
  • I have a room just for my computer
  • I own two homes
  • I can walk around my little town late at night and am not unreasonably concerned for my safety
  • My closet is pretty full
  • I have nearly two dozen pairs of shoes
  • I have never lived in a car
  • My legs work
  • My daughter will soon give birth in a hospital with her husband close by
  • I can still see the eye of a needle (with help)
  • My pancreas works
  • I can breathe pretty well
  • My vision is correctable with glasses
  • My hearing, though not great, still hears my granddaughter's giggle
  • I have cash in my pocket yet I have not worked since 1978
  • My adult children call their spouses Wonderful
  • I have a dog that keeps me company and keeps me walking twice daily
  • My pantry is full
  • I can buy gasoline without waiting in line
  • No one gives me a second glaring look when I use a check to pay for things
  • I have never heard the words, 'I'm sorry, Mrs Cory; your credit is no good'
  • My furnace is new
  • My roof does not leak (much)
  • I can converse with people globally, sitting in my library, in my jammies, on my computer
  • If I had none of these things, I have people that would love me anyway
Whatever am I to do with such an overweening abundance?

When will I ever quit complaining?

Thank  you, LORD. 
May I utilize my blessings for Your glory.
May I hear your promptings to share what I have to who you would have me bless...
And the courage and selflessness to do it....

Blessings on this Thanksgiving......

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