Thursday, November 18, 2010

Purposeful Patterns!

 Mostly, when I make purses and totes, I design my own patterns.  That way, I can flourish, alter, and appease my own purse like needs.  I love the fact that there is no copyright worries.  I love the fact that I work out bugaboos and stretch my skills by design needs.

But then, every now and then, I need to do Obedient Sewing.  Taking the skills of those with more experience or sewing knowledge and utilizing it for just the right project.
Recently, I seemed to have stumbled into several opportunities to need actual patterns.
And I just love it!
Pictured is the random assortment of projects that I've been working on.
My project board is getting a bit crowded with Baby Girl's Baby Girl's arrival imminent and baby things to be finished.  First up: Baby Girl's Baby Quilt. .  That got me into a quilting mode and high on my to do list, was to make a quilt for Pretend Granddaughter Sara.  In between big projects, I just L.O.V.E. working on this amazingly fun and creative Patchwork Style log cabin quilt pattern! It allows ample room for the more Rebel Sewist, letting you call the shots on the size of the pieces that you assemble.  Did you hear that?  NO measuring except for the size of the batting that you start with. Fab-u-lussss! The most timid of sewists will not be daunted by the simplicity of it all.  I have a feeling that many a quilt shall come forth from this pattern. (And the rest of the book is pretty dang awesome as well.)
 Then came Baby Girl's Hubby's request for His Own Mei Tei Baby Carrier!  (He also has an order for Anna Maria Horner's Daddy Bag, but I haven't started that yet!:D)  His request was for it to be manly yet little girl comfy.  A sturdy home decor fabric in a solid, will back the softest of flannel, provided by Pappa Pat's old factory used flannel shirts of long ago.  I just cannibalized his old shirts and had enough to use on the pattern. Actually, the green and blue pattern flannel, I remember wearing when preggers with Eldest/Admin!  This kind of info really tickles Baby Girl and endears her to the item.....
 Of course, it is time to think about keeping Miss Viv warm this winter.  It's fun to make her little coats since Cincinnati doesn't get wicked cold, but certainly enough to make this soft, soft fleece helpful on those cold trips to the Cincinnati Resource Center for her weekly classes.....Cannot wait to start this!
Last but not least, Crazy Dee's purse!  She saw this pattern made up in a tiny fabric shop on our vacation in Gatlinburg and insisted (demanded) that I make it for her.  I tried to tell  her that I could come up with a similar design, but she insisted (demanded) that I make one just like the one at the sewing shop.  The batik material for the bag was not sold in the shop (odd?) but after looking around my stash, I found this previously eBay purchased skirt that I could never figure out how to operate, to be perfect for the project......

So as I stock up on audio books and great tea, it's off to the sewing room!
By the looks of my To Do Board, I might be there a long, long time!

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