Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Out

 There comes a time when we need to stop, regroup, prioritize, refresh, organize our thoughts and goals and objectives.  Sometimes, that happens when we go on vacation.  Sometimes it's on a spiritual retreat.  Sometimes it's a physical ailment.  Or you can just fall apart  physically and literally cannot move another muscle.

This has recently happened to Hubby.
My main squeeze since 1970, life partner since 1972 and all round, Best Bud, Confidant and Sympathizer.  He completes my overwhelmingly Right Brain.  I depend on him to quilt.  I can put together fabrics and designs, but how in the world it gets geometrically together, I am adrift.
And vicey versa, I venture to say.
So when he is down, I am hindered.
When his body, already weakened from a variety of ailments in the last few years, came to a grinding halt,  I take notice.  The last three weeks it has been my job to nourish, nurture, encourage and heal his wounded spirit, beat up by physical exhaustion.

We all knew it was coming.

But what I didn't now how much fun getting better could be.
We have had a blast.
Hubby and I have languished in our little nest called our bedroom, watching old movies and laughing ourselves silly over comedies that we watched in our early dating days.
We have eaten Squash Pie and drank hot tea on rainy days.
We have enjoyed working on meals together and actually eating together at the same time.
We have embarked on home improvement projects that I thought were relegated to the next owner.
We have traveled to doctor appointments in The Big City, only to have them lead us to meandering  country adventures.
We have taken long walks with our doggies night and day.
I have brought him up to speed  on the goings on in our community during those walks.
We have sat near our fireplace and sighed.
We have plotted and planned what retirement could possibly be like next year in light of our rested, silly, relaxing Time Out.
We have realized that our time together is vaguely reminiscent of our early years of marriage, nearly 38 years ago.
He is much better, thank you, and shall be returning to work soon.
But I will cherish these past three weeks as some of the better days of our marriage.
Funny how that happens, Right?


  1. :*) this makes my heart very happy...

  2. It's amazing how the Lord ordains such sweetness in the midst of what would seem like such despond. I praise Him that He has given you a mate that would delight you so, after 38 years together.


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