Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Basement Remodel Begins!

 Quite a few years ago, we had a very wet winter here in Southern Indiana....
Rain pelted and saturated the land and the water table around here had just had enough.
Most of us were hard pressed to win the battle against the simple water molecule.
But then there were the others that just seemed to have forgotten to plug in the sump pump after using the outlet.  That shall always be a disputed conversation...


Since that long ago day(night) when dripping wet carpet was hauled outside, damaged boxes of memories were pitched and tossed, Hubby and I have been wondering what to do now with a considerable amount of square footage known as our basement.
 Life has kept us busy enough to not get too quick to fix the problem.  We just warned people, 'DO NOT GO INTO THE BASEMENT!' with a fervant, passioned, commanding voice.  I winced at Baby Girl's wedding when the young man that played accoustic guitar went looking for a private place to tune up and practice.  Sending him into 'the pit' was most uncomfortable for me.  I wanted to explain the previous two years of my life as to why this horribly neglectful homeowner was not more efficient in straightening up the mess that was down there.  I came to my senses by his need to quiet his spirit before performing. Not really needing to hear my story, I left him alone in the quiet of the basement.  That was one thing that it was good for; quiet.  No one wanted to be there unless fetching some useful tool.
 Then, this past Thanksgiving, Eldest Son and Lovely Wife announced their pregnancy.
Quick to respond in practical, hospitable ways, I immediately began to remodel the basement in my mind.
Call it a primitive call to provide shelter for my proliferating progeny, I felt an urgent need o expand our living spaces.  Now.
Lovely Wife's sister became engaged the same weekend as The Wonderful Announcement, and I began to figure on sleeping spaces for our and LW's family's homes at holiday times.  Certainly, a teeny baby can be comfy about anywhere, but this Grammy/Nana/Mimi wanted to get it taken care of spit-spot.
 We have since employed a most amiable young man and his assistant from far away Bloomington [] to take care of this long overdue project.
 He has come up with some exciting, creative applications to our long neglected space.  And we are thrilled.
I'm eager to share the progress with anyone that will listen.  I'm finding it hard to sleep as I plan and plot on the finished product called  A Spot for Company.
You know what that means, right?
It means you need to come and visit when the finale of the Basement Makeover takes place!
And since the upstairs is getting an update that involves lots of white paint, you might want to bring your own paintbrush and work clothes.
Miss Dixie can't be the only helper.
She's done enough already, herding the contractors and annoying them beyond all reason.

So join me here as we get this place in order!

Construction progress...


  1. WOW! Big day!!!!
    Wish we could be there to help!!!
    It's looking great!
    Cant wait till its all done :)

  2. I immediately began to click here remodel the basement in my mind.


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