Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Cozy Season

 You know you're a mom when you have an overwhelming desire to make everyone warm.  You know you're an old mom when you see children on the street, that you do not know, in short sleeves and shorts in below freezing weather, and you hear you say, in your best your own mother's voice, 'Aren't you cold!?  Goodness!  Put a coat on!'

So begins the Cozy Season.  Projects for Christmas are completed and baby quilts are bound and delivered and most projects designed to keep others warm, are finished and on the personage for whom they were created.  But for some of us that are not completely sure that the world is quite snugly enough, continue on in the pursuit of Yarn Consumption.

 Last week, I had my little friend, GB, visiting.  In her goal of experiencing all things Nana, she managed to slurp most of her juice box onto her very pretty top.  Knowing full well that Nana would fix it up, off we went to Nana's Grammy closet, the repository for all the Garage Sale Finds for Teeny Bodies resides.  There, we found a brand new pair of jammies all ready to replace her soggy shirt.  However, the jammies were designed for the other sex.  Never no mind to GB.  Not this rugged little girl.  But after arriving in her festive girly shirt, I just could not let her go home, with all her little girliness left in Nana's washer.  We made a visit into Nana's sewing room to find a repository of headbands that seemed to have been distributed to all my Little Ladies this winter.  To make it more special, she picked out her own button; the red and white one that reminds her of the mints that her brother 'borrows' from Nana all the time...  The minute GB saw herself in the mirror, she knew that this feminine stuff was really great.  Her little impish grin spread across her face and she pranced around the house, assured that she looked absolutely stunning. And she is.
The next day, it is reported, the the bright little headband had the privilege of being worn the whole day......

One more set of little ears that I do not have to worry about being cold......

Could I truly becoming the eccentric old lady that is also crocheting for the cold statues that summer on my mantle??

Appears so......

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  1. I am positive that those statues are grateful to your kind, warm creations. I am absolutely jealous. lol!


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