Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Banner Giveaway!!

Don't you just love it when the parallel in your life goes and gets perpendicular??

I have so enjoyed making my LOVE banners for the very special holiday coming up that I realized that I really needed to 'share the LOVE' amongst my faithful...

And as fate would have it, I have developed a need for some new, fresh ideas for my tired living room. That is where you come in, my friends!  Let us give and take on this little venture!

Rules for the Giveaway!

1.  Leave a comment on my blog from now till Friday, February 4 at 9pm with a new decorating idea for my living room.  Color, pattern, style, furniture, paint, you name it; it's up to you.....Your favorite new decorating thing!

2.  Get creative.....On a budget (of course, silly!)  I have been given a stipends for The Living Room Remodel of $500 so keep that in mind....

3.  The best idea, that I will utilize and feature in my redo, will be the winner of the most festive
mama's collection Valentine LOVE banner!

See? Easy as 1-2-3!!

Now, get thinkin'!!  Get Sharing!  And thanks so much for reading!!



  1. Ahh! I had already typed this!! I think that with all of your new projects you start on so often, I think that you should take one wall and re-paint it. You should do some borders on the inside, to make the paint actually "frame" that wall. Then, I think that you should install a couple of shelves - nothing very fancy. Maybe some beautiful (scrap) pieces of wood that you could get for little to no cost at any place that sells lumber (maybe home depot would let you out of there with a couple of cheap/free slabs of wood?) You can mount them on that wall to have a place to set photos,candles, new crafts. Then I think that you should take a recliner or your favorite chair and move it over to that wall. Get a small table (preferably one you already have!) that is big enough to set a lamp, coffee mug, and a book on (or yarn or fabric or anything!). Go to a home-improvement store and get a lampshade that has no design or anything on it, and create your OWN lampshade! Swirls, lines, or anything else you come up with. You can use sharpies, but try to keep it to one or two main colors. When you use all different colors for making a lampshade, it starts to look cheap. I will try to find the link to this DIY on the Nate Berkus website. Then, with your new little space, you can hang your banners - or whatever you like - up on that wall. It would be perfect to showcase your family and your own creations for the season on your wall! I reallllly want to do this where I live, but I can't - it's an apartment! Using black/greys or navy/greys are beautiful but non-hostile colors that you could match many of your creations to, I would say!

  2. It is hard for me to give you advice as I don't know what your living room looks like. I can say that you might paint the walls a light color and think about wallpaper for one of the walls.

    Stay safe, I hear your weather will be getting very bad!

  3. Good point, Sherri! I have lots of photos of my home throughout the blog, but perhaps I should post some for new readers! I do want to know your current 'new' decorating thing is though!

  4. Here's what I would do: Go just a little lighter with your paint--maybe antique white. Take down some of your candles and clear the mantle of everything except a focal piece and a runner. Repaint your mirror in a bit of a cooler color (you can tell my color palette must be different :) - ha, ha), maybe periwinkle? :)Take this happy color quiz--just for fun!
    Then, order up several Scripture vinyl sticker/clings for the walls! These are beautiful and would contrast so nicely, not to mention continually filling your mind with life-giving Truth! :) They are half price right now too, if you go here!
    Aah, it's so easy telling other people what to do and how to decorate. Now, if only I could make up MY mind for MY home! :)

  5. LOL! I took the quiz! Hit the nail right on the head....Venturing into new colors.....hmmmmmmm

  6. Another thought crossed my mind--marbelizing your walls! Now, wouldn't that be fun!

  7. I say find a fabric that you can't live without and use that as your inspiration. Background color can be the wall color and so forth. I'm seeing green, lots of green and turquoisey blue with reddish orange accents. And fresh, creamy antique white woodwork. Not this fabric per se but similar to this green and blue.
    And a few complimentary fabrics thrown in around the room...florals, stripes, damask, maybe even a toile.

    Or a calming blue and white pallete...with lots of natural wood tones. I can see both in my head!

  8. Dawned on me a little bit ago that I don't need to win the banner (though it is lovely and one can never have too much lovely!!)
    I just wanted to share the ideas swirling around in my brain. I do truly love your living room just the way it is but change and renewal are good! The 1st color scheme I gave has me thinking ahead to summer and all things growing!


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