Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Then there were three......

You may not recognizing this rather dashing little baby, but to those in the know, this twelve week old sweetie is known by his/her in utero name of 'Cubby'....!  Cubby is the brilliant pre born child of Eldest Son and Lovely Wife!  According to this image, Cubby should be joining his/her family around the first of August!  And are we ecstatic??!  Wellllllllll!!!!!

It was nearly two short years ago when Miss Viv entered my world and made me a completely dottie Grammy named Mimi.....It did not take her long to completely enrapture my heart. Then, when I thought I had reached Grammy Nirvana,  Baby Girl announced that she too, was going to contribute to the census of our family! Do you know that there is no end to the growth of the human heart in love??

This year, we shortened our Thanksgiving visit with Baby Girl and Her Hubby and headed home to spend time with ES and LW before the weekend was over.  I was coming through the kitchen to answer the front door to greet them, when a most exciting thrill raced through my being.

I am used to the loving glances shared by ES and LW.  I am used to the knowing grins that spread across their faces when a private secret is shared, but I do not believe I ever beheld (well, once; his wedding day!) such a wide and glowing grin on my Eldest Son's face as I did as I watched him walk up our front steps that day!  I knew in the depths of my grandmotherly heart, that this was a life changing smile.  That the smile shared between them, not knowing I was observing, was something big, something grand, something profound.

We exchanged niceties, catching each other up on our separate Thanksgiving Celebrations, me sitting there, daring to ask any 'specific' questions.  Dear Hubby, clueless as the day is long to the obvious signals sent out by their jiggling feet and twitchy hands, continued on his story lines until LW nearly burst from excitement....Indeed, nothing had to be said, just a war whoop of congratulations all around!

And so, dear readers, Grammy shall hide out in her sewing room, creating quilts, diaper bags, spitty cloths and whatever my Little Cubby and his/her Lovely Mama might want.......

A Happy, Happy Grammy.....On a roll......


  1. Congratulations to all of you! There really is nothing like a new little one to fill our hearts. We just learned on Christmas that we will be grandparents again too...It doesn't get much better than this does it?

  2. Grandbabies are the icing on the cake!!!

  3. Beautiful!!! We love our little cubby and can't wait to meet him/her :) Thank you for the wonderful article!!! LYSMICETY!!


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