Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bundlin' Up

The winter here in Southern Indiana has been a bit out of the ordinary.
We had been limited by icy conditions for over a week, keeping pedestrian activities on hold.
We had brittle cold much earlier in the season than usual.
And we had snow stick around a bit longer than we normally do.
In short, we've had a normal winter.
We are spoiled, those of us south of  I-70.
So it is with this excuse of expecting warmer situations that I am just now making Miss Vivien's Winter Coat.
I bought the material in November.
I cut it out in early December.
And here it is, on the Eve of Eldest/Admin's birthday, that I am just now completing it.
To my credit, it has been a whirl of December in our household.
But never no mind, Viv's little coat, once the proper size of zipper is purchased, shall be on it's way to warm her sweet little bod.

There is something rather primal and satisfying about making a child's coat.  You know that you can purchase one at Target for less than it cost to make it, but I believe completely that, like a baby quilt, the warmth of the love that goes into it, makes the item more precious, more valuable and well, warmer.

Do you have a winter project stalling out on your To Do list?
Do not fret.  Do not feel the failure for not producing before now.
We still have much brrrry weather to struggle through before the daffodils peak through.
The important thing is that the people you love and care about receive something from your hands, from your planning and time and THAT is what they receive and carry always, even when the item is but a memory....

The work of our hands, a very valuable gift......

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