Tuesday, January 25, 2011

His Banner Over Me is Love...!

I love Valentines Day.
A real sucker over all things heart-y.
Have enjoyed the day since my parochial days. I loved the decorated mailboxes that we made at home and brought to school days before the holiday, to contain all the handmade wishes of our fellow classmates...at least most of them anyway..I loved the anticipation of unfolding all the glittery pink and red construction paper greetings and reading the sender's name.  I loved the mystery of slipping the cards into the handmade slits in the paper covered shoe box, slyly watching to see if the recipient was watching me.

 So it certainly was not a big surprise that when the Love of My Life appeared on the scene, it would be on account of Valentine's Day.
After a two long years of tailing, stalking and hoping that he would notice me, I finally had an excuse to ask him out to my all girl's high school Valentine Dance.  My best friend, his cousin, facilitated the plan well.  And our first kiss happened the night before our first official date and after the dance, it was a sure thing that we would be together a  l-o-n-g time....
 To further reinforce the specialness of the date in our minds, Baby Girl was born fifty seven minutes before Valentine's Day many years later...

Is it any wonder why I would want to promote it so decoratively??

May your Valentine's Day be in a banner year for you!!  (:D)

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  1. Oooo!!! beautiful!!!
    also, I have gotten many compliments on the crocheted hearts you made!!! :)!!!


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