Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eldest/Admin!!

This little cutie was all gussied up and ready for her 2nd Birthday to begin!  There had been a heavy snowfall that day and her Daddy was outside shoveling snow for all her party guests.  Every now and then, Daddy would throw snow at the window, causing the little Party Girl to giggle loudly.  She watched in awe as her Daddy 'played' in the snow and included her in the play from the comfort and warmth of the Party House.  It was adorable then and now as I remember it.  All those years ago.

Since then, my Little E/A has put us through many adorable moments, both historically and recently.  Only now, I get the joy and adding to all her stories about her baby: 'Just like you'......Double the joy...

This Little Girl has taught me plenty in her Thirty....something years and I thank God every day for her wisdom, her broad thinking and her ability to read me like a book(saves a lot of time!)

In her years on this earth, she has helped me through those 'You Are My Firstborn; There Are Expectations That Reflect Deeply Upon Me' crazies.  She has forgiven me all my First Time Mom Errors.
She has taught me to endure pain, frustration and disappointment rationally.
She has taught me to love deeply.
She is fearless on many levels and helps me through my scary times and places.
She sees things and people with a special lens that ferrets out problems.
She is my early warning system.
And she is full of emotion that is spontaneous, easily vocalized and very comforting.
She cares for me carefully and protectively.  I would always want her on my side, she is that kind of person...

And on the sixth of January, on a snowy, cold, Saturday night in 1979, she quietly entered my life, my world and  every part of my being.  It was an incredible entrance to an indelible life...

Thank you God for Rhiannon......
I love you, Boo!
Happy Birthday to You.....


  1. :)....
    sigh, a whole new meaning to Rhi's birthday this year. Thank you God for little girl first borns. :)!

    Thank you mama for bring Rhi into this world, I don't know what any of us would do without her!!!!


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