Monday, January 3, 2011

Knew Knitting Knews:

 It has been nigh onto forty years since I last held knitting needles.

The math of it just confounded me.  I was young and impatient with the process.  I probably was also discouraged with my mother's constant laughter at her own joke each time she called me Madame Defarge and screamed out, 'Guillotine!"( as my endless scarf progressed. 
Whatever the reason, I parked my needles and used them throughout the years to turn collars and other sewing needs these past four decades.
Then the Knitting Kneeds began again.  After spending nearly a month with Eldest/Admin and her Amazing Needles, I rethought the reasons why knitting was my only crafting holdout.
The deal was sealed after E/A and I spent several hours in the most pleasant knitting shop  E/A has several knitting projects going on and I was along for the ride.  I found myself mesmerized by the selection, the feel, the colors of the myriads of yarn skeins available for about any pattern known to man.  Books of all types. Accessories to all yarn crafts.  And the nicest staff ever.  While E/A processed and selected and perused, I got caught up in the friendly ambiance of the place.  And did I mention how busy this tiny place was?  A grand yarn sale was going on and it appeared that the whole of Bloomington Indiana was privy to it. A grand cross section of the population appeared to all be able to knit except me.

About the time I was feeling a bit left out from all this yarn fun, two things happened:

  1. I found Elizabeth Zimmermann's book and was captivated.  Elizabeth subscribes to the Deb Cory School of Creating.  Very loose, very casual very non daunting.  Though her book is not a how to, per se, it gives excellent impetus to go forth boldly with the process.  Thank you Elizabeth.
  2. I found these needles.  Yes.  Wood.  Shiny.  Well shaped.  Feel grand in the hand.  Had to have them.
Thus begins my new adventure in knitting.
Traveling with Miss Viv the other day, she kept watching Mimi as she produced yet another granny square whilst entertaining her in the back seat.  She closed her book and asked, politely, if she could have my yarn and hook.  Being an amiable Grammy, I acquiesced.  She immediately started imitating my movements and acted quite professional for a not nearly two year old.  I was mesmerized by her confident movements and the fun that she had just playing with yarn and hook.  And that is exactly the attitude I shall adopt in my new knitting adventure.  I shall follow Elizabeth's guidance and Vivien's attitude.  I shall overcome Knitting Fear and go forth.  
With a little help from my friends.....


  1. i have always been so intrigued with knitting, but have never tried it. maybe i will pick up the book and try it myself.

    p.s. thank you for the sweet comment about being a mother. i love listening to older, wiser women. :)


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