Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch Up Time

 While I was packing up at the hotel after our premiere visit with Lil Lady, I couldn't help but notice the plethora a mama's collection bags surrounding us in the room.  Five totaled, with another one on the arm of Eldest/Admin at the hospital and two more with Baby Girl.  Whew!  Market/craft bags, Amy Butler Diaper bag, purses and Anna Maria Horner Here We Go Bag......And I gotta admit it; I love it!  I love seeing my bags in action.  I love seeing them be used and carted around with their owners. Last summer, during the mama's collection First Annual Gathering of Friends Retreat, all of us attendees went to the Farmer's Market armed with a bag made just for the event and I distinctly remember the glee I felt at watching a dozen or more of my bags flittering through the market on the very reliable shoulders of those that came from near and far to attend the retreat.  So I really do get emotionally attached to my creations and love seeing them by lovingly used.
 Despite a very distracted December, I sought comfort from the busyness of my thoughts by creating more bags for several friends.
 The 'Vera' bag was interestingly difficult and made me understand why Vera Bradley's bags are so........pricey.....This bag had a total of ten pockets in/on it and an official zipper closure and I designed it myself just by observing a multitude of VB's bags.  The only one I ever owned was back in the nineties and I got it from a thrift store.  The bag challenged me but it was fun.  Hubby helped with that analytical mind of his.  Thank Goodness.

 Lil Lady needed some extra little 'cosmetic' bags for her Diaper  These sweet little binkie/comb/nail bags should serve her well maybe up to college?  The material is vintage flour sacks so they have survived a lot already....
Speaking of Lil Lady.....Did I tell you how precious she is??

Oh dear!
How is Mimi ever going to concentrate in her sewing room.....?

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