Monday, July 26, 2010


How do I begin? Do I report on our wonderful demonstration from Delightfully Pregnant Dana? These lovely zipper bags from here:

Do I tell you that my house was full and I was happy?
Do I report that we ranged from pre born to 2 months old to nearly 57 years?
That our numbers reached 15?

Do I tell you that the most beastly lingering heat wave hovered over our house?  How about that in that heat wave we had a picnic at the Farmer's Market and God provided a most amazing breeze to our picnic table and no where else?  That two Amish came up to our table to ask us what we were selling, our table looking so appealing? 
That we had three teenagers in attendance that were wonderful, helpful, respectful, fun AND talented? That one of them, pictured here with her plate of veggies, usually does not get too friendly with vegetables and unknown culinary delights?  That she discovered that she does indeed like summer squash?
Did I mention that we had one attendee travel six hours in a heat wave, with a 2nd grader in tow AND a due date of September 19th?
Can I impress you with the exceptional quality of food that we consumed?  That I can tell you that without fear of prideful retribution because Crazy Dee helped me and because another skilled homemaker friend knows how to make the best pie ever?  And showed us how to do the same?
How about one more incredibly biased story about Miss Vivien and her enjoyable company?  How about how adorable Baby Girl and Miss Viv were together?  Did I happen to mention that I didn't get any photos of Eldest/Admin because she was scurrying hither and thither helping her old mom and keeping BG from getting overtired/overheated?  Yeah.  Pretty awesome woman....
That I went to sleep incredibly peaceful and content doing what I love to do: entertaining, chatting with young mamas and watching babies, children, teens come into their own...
That sitting in my living room at the midnight hour with lovely young women, listening to their conversations, adding when asked, sharing my incredible blessings, is a highlight in my life?
That sitting on my front porch on a lazy Sunday morning, conversing with my out of town guests before I have to let them go to their faraway homes, feeding them lunch a few hours after breakfast just because I thought that they should be fed one last time here, is what I love to do...

I want to tell you it all, and I will in the days ahead..
Stay tuned for more on one of the most lovely weekends ever.....


  1. sigh, Agreed. Sigh, Indeed.
    One of the best ever...

  2. Do I tell you how grateful Eldest/Admin daughter is that she has a mother who she loves to share, and who is completely amazed of how giving and thoughtful she is to her friends, and all other Mamas out there that is open and willing to hear of the wisdom that she has collected?!?

    Do we ALL tell you how much we appreciate you opening your home and heart to let all of us come and relax and be refreshed?!

    Do we start planning and preparing for next year? Oh yes... I do believe... more ladies, more babies, more tears, more memories.... I do believe MCOF retreat 2011 will be on the hearts/minds of many!

    Thank you Mama for being.... YOU!

    *ps... no pics of me is goooood thing! busy and happy I was ;)

  3. pps... How do I tell Lovely Wife how amazing and helpful she was with the children that attended?! Oh my....... to my amazing Sister-In-Law... thank you from the bottom of my heart... Vivien, Logan, and Oliver appreciated your time and attention... you were a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!

  4. whoever made that fruit pizza .. it looks sensational! yum!

  5. Oh it was absolutely my pleasure!!! I loved helping by way of occupying the little ones :) It was quite wonderful and I had a fabulous time! Will be looking forward to next year for sure!!!!

  6. Many thanks to you, "Mama Deb", for all the love and planning and prayer (I'm sure!) that went into this endeavor of hospitality. There was a sweet spirit among us (the Lord, I'm sure). And, thank you to all you "daughters" who made our family feel
    so welcome, talking to us like we've known you for years. You're a precious group of ladies.


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