Monday, July 19, 2010

Countdown: Four More Days....

It's coming up fast....
It's been in the planning stage for so long, it seems hard to believe that the time has come to implement all the To Do Lists, the scheduling, the (YIKES) cleaning!

Today's list is nearly accomplished.  I use 'nearly' with great generosity but there is tomorrow.  But not too many of those before the Ladies who have signed on to attend the

mama's collection of Friends
First Annual Crafting/Spiritual Retreat!!!

will begin arriving!!!  Eldest/Admin and Miss Vivie arrive on Wednesday and I am thrilled!  The doggies look a bit sad knowing full well that they are are not on the Invite List.  Miss Dixie is more than aware of something afoot in  her abode.  She eyes me suspiciously as I accomplish household tasks that are not on my daily repertoire. She is pictured in my Sewing Room as I wrap up some 'surprises'....Not particularly thrilled..

Even Hubby with his own overwhelming issues, has seen to it that his 'To Do' list is attended to, as is witnessed by my new kitchen shelves in the above photo.  I must add that this was done without One Word of Prompting (nagging, reminding, hinting).  I awoke from my Sunday Nap to find this Helpful Hubby working on the shelves. (Did you notice the nice rounded edge he did for me? How well treated am I??)

Tomorrow, Stella the Cat gets her first 'grooming'.....Don't you wish you could see that?
More work on sessions, 'surprises, cleaning and setting up the great outdoors for My Lovely Ladies....

More coverage tomorrow.....


  1. OMG... I so wish I could see Stella get groomed... it would definitely give me an asthma attack from all the hair and laughing! SOOOOOOOOOO excited to see you soon!!!!!!!!!

  2. DITO Rhiannon....DITO!!!!!!! hahahahaha!
    and I LOVE the new shelves!!! Way to go Papa!!!!
    I can NOT wait until this weekend!!! Only FOUR more days!! YAYYYYYY!

  3. I know, right?? Definitely Youtube material I'm sure.....!
    Can't wait to see My Girls!!!


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