Monday, July 5, 2010

Fabulous Fun on the Fourth

There were no National or State Parks involved.  Only one restaurant. No Big Fireworks Displays even.  Just us.  Just our family crammed merrily into Eldest Son and Lovely Wife's cozy bungalow.  Youngest Son pinched us in between work even though it took a bit of a drive.  Rousing games of Funglish (You Must Play This.  Especially with LW and Pretend Granddaughter Sara) and a yummy grilled burrito provided by LW and PGS, took place on YS's shift there.  Talking on the patio till way dark.  Nice fire in the fire pit, inspiring more talk.  Late sleep ins.  Worship at ES and LW's Redemption Hill Church plant, attend McAlisters Patio and meet the Happy Campers from Patoka Lake, Baby Girl and her Cell Phoneless Hubby and their In Utero Infant.  Sit for a long while, sipping tea and swapping stories.  Then off to ES/LW's for a long day of games, gabbing and lots and lots of laughing.  Hubby and I took over supper that night while the 'youth' played.  As is the habit, ES made up some rousing games including his Baby Bro In Law, his partner in crime.  The two of them ran and played in the torrid sun and heat, then, like all sweaty boys, got out the hose and had fun with that as well.  CPH stripped of his sweaty clothes and for only reasons known to CPH, they ended up on top of his car, undies and all.  In their place came borrowed ES orange trunks, just to add some snazziness to the scenario.  Sorry neighbors.  You cannot take us anywhere.  Baby Girl, CPH and ES managed to put on an amazing Fireworks Display with a minimum of fire power.  ES and CPH dazzled us with the artistic displays with five boxes of sparklers.  Then BG in her hormonal, pregnant, unpredictable way, entertained us with five boxes of little pop its.  She punctuated her conversation and our rousing rendition of America the Beautiful with the snap it's gunpowder.  Completely entertained and entertaining, we let her use all the boxes at her discretion.  Would YOU have taken them from her?  Games of badminton, jarts, Dollar General lacrosse and lots of baseball throwing and baseball hitting, went on the whole day and into the evening.  LW impressed us greatly with her dozen or so hits in a row.  We defy anyone from making fun of her sports skills from now on.  Frozen Novelties were shared on the patio after our healthy light dinner. Finally, we took our sweaty, hard playing bodies inside for showers and some indoor relaxing.  Too soon, The Sandman began to visit and the day of Hard Playing and Celebrating sent us to our beddy byes. Sleeping in the next morning was lovely as was the breakfast and lunch that we grazed on as our ongoing conversations continued on......Time came for us to depart to our own homes and goodbyes and hugs went all around.
Till the next gathering, may God keep all  you blessed children...We ever so love having such fun, loving, responsible, silly, witty, intelligent adult children.  What an amazing blessing......Thank you Lord. And Happy Birthday America.  We loved your party.


  1. Perfectly written! It was an amazing weekend! We keep talking about how much fun it was! LOVE YOU GUYS!


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