Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Joyous Bustling

It was a bit over a year ago, when I, a faithful reader of SouleMama, happened upon her report of her time at the Squam Arts Workshop.  Other bloggers were, 'Squam This and Squam That', and being a lifelong citizen of the Midwest, I had No Clue as to what they were talking about.  But I wanted to know what they all were raving about.  It sounded like some Utopian Crafting Community and, indeed, I think it is.  I found myself reading about Squam Lake (where On Golden Pond was filmed), and the great lengths that women from all over the nation(world?) gathered twice a year.  It didn't take me long to notice a common thread amongst the Crafters.  I saw Mercedes and BMW's in the parking lot.  I saw some pretty shwanky clothes, shoes, bags on the attendees.  Then I checked out the cost of this Crafter's Heaven...Yikes.  Plus air fare. Or gas mileage.  But oh the thought of spending a week under the tutelage of the best of the best.  The knitters, the sewists, the photographers, writers, poets, fiber artists, musicians.  Sigh.  I put my little dream away, but kept watching the videos and sharing my Squam Lake News with whoever was nearby.  Then I had A Thought.  Hmmmmmmm.  Maybe I cannot afford to rub shoulders with these lovely women, but what if.....what if...?  What if I put together a Sort of Squam Lake Arts Workshop on my scale and budget?  Certainly, there must be other crafters that long to share their space and craft in my shouting distance?  I shared this thought with my Eldest/Admin, my one true Idea Bouncer and Realist.  I showed her the videos and my thoughts of bringing it down to costs.  Sort of a mini mini Squam.  A Midwest Middle Income Squam.  And she said, Indeed.  There could be a very real interest in a group gathering for a common purpose and celebration.  And then the wheels began to turn.  A notebook purchased just to be used for ideas for the, now named:
mama's collection of Friends
First Annual Crafting/Spiritual Retreat.
The date, the guest list, the reservations, the menu, started to all come together.  Granted, when you're working with Young Mama's that have smalls to work with, there will be adjustments and rearrangements, but that is fine with me.  This is the Inaugural Year of hopefully a yearly tradition.
In the meantime, between Now and July 23-25th, I shall be preparing for the Big Event.  I shall be inspecting my inspection.  I shall be shaming my gardens into Good Behavior.   I shall be circumspectly viewing my house with an eye to the visitor.  I shall be hoarding yummy surprises and arranging breakfasts/lunches/suppers with an eye to healthy, filling and nourishing for my Young Mama's and their babes, in and out of utero.
And Fun Of All Fun, I am creating memories for these Lovely Mama Friends of mine.  I am cracking out all my creative forces to make sure that they know how special they are to me and to the universe.
I'm kinda excited, can you tell?  You haven't heard the last of this...The Preparation AND the Post and all the in between...
Oh, It Shall Be Good........

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  1. oh my goodness, I just am too freakin excited about this!!!
    your and dana's sewing and rhiannons knitting, I would say we do have the best of the best!!! :-D!


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