Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Visit

Summer visits are a different breed from other seasons.  Winter visits are cozy and close.  You tend to gather, grab a quilt and settle in for a spell.  Summer visits are breezy.  You tend to come and go, inside and out, walk around, sit and perch, then up and exploring.
Baby Girl and Her Hubby stopped by on the way to their Camping Adventure with Her Hubby's Fam for the Fourth.  We were to be a Luncheon Stop, a quick 'You Gotta See How Big I'm Getting or You Won't Believe It' stop.  And like all the visits, luncheon or pregnant bellies otherwise, I cook and clean like the Queen Mother has scheduled a trip here.  Why is that?  These children have seen me and my house at it's worst.  They know my Visitors Tricks and Hospitality Preparations.  Who do I think that I'm fooling?  They know that my house does not always look company ready.  Nevertheless, I putter and adjust and put away things, excitedly anticipating my grown up time with them.  Just so you Young Mama's know, this is the piece de resistance, the thing you look forward to on the Hard Day's of mommying.  And it is glorious.  Worth all the diapers and short nights.  Worth the frustration and craziness. Visits with your Adult children.  Bliss.

And how sweet is this moment, captured quickly before Her Hubby and his quick ways, moved on to another activity? I believe I shall tear up each time I see this.  Another Goal:  Adult Children finding their soul mates; their completers; their life sharers.  Grand.

And a day pleasant enough, physically as well as meteorologically, for the Hubby to venture out, albeit with foot propped up.  For a visit with his Adult Children, he would have crawled out to the porch.  Lovely, lovely weather; true Porch Day.

Baby Girl's Hubby is a reflector, a thinker, a Busy Boy.  I had given him my copy of Mary Jane's Farms, full knowing that he would take it all in and ruminate...a long time....Here he is after perusing the whole magazine.  Do you know that his current cause is to become Cell Phoneless?  The closer to the soil he becomes, the happier he will be.  The less reliant on corporations, the more content his life.  We shall see.  Do not bring this up with His Wife.

Perhaps you cannot see her, but Stella the Ditzycat is taking full advantage of the Brilliant Day as well.  She has proclaimed the pergola as her domain and was ever so glad that Editor Friend donated her well used wicker to the Pergola Branch of the Endless Wicker Collection.  Not only do I love it but Stella has comfied in for the summer.  Good spot, Stel, ol girl.  Should we rethink her ditsy status?

Summer visits also leave room for chores during visits.  I don't think during the winter that I would excuse myself to care for laundry, but in the summer, I think nothing of making an exit to utilize the day's solar drying.  Surely, BGH would not complain.  The cerulean blues and bright grass greens will stay in my brain till way into winter......
Summer Visits.....intoxicating and refreshing.....


  1. I love this all -- you are THAT lady, and you have a tremendous winsomeness in this world... Keep sharing all this beauty with us... Ahh

  2. *sigh* lovely lovely visit.
    makes living far away not so unpleasant when the cherished short visits are so cherished and grand.

    Also, Landon (and I) will be getting a subscription to Mary Janes Farm, no doubt about that. But if you want to know how is he is doing, better shoot him an email. He is still going strong!!! And you can bring it up with me, but DO NOT call me looking for him. HAHA!


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